And the why me’s are kicking in again…

22 Jun

I’m pretty down today as I have had some signs my body is trying to work but it’s not, yet.

These are the times that are so hard for me to think positively. These are the times that the hate and anger come back out…and with that, come the ‘why me’s.

Why can it be so easy for some people for their bodies to do what they are made to do but for others, it’s the hardest thing in their lives. Why? Why is it so hard for ME. I’m doing everything¬†I need to do – eating and resting lots – but my body just doesn’t want to do what nature made it to do. Why this in my life do I have to struggle so hard to have?

I feel like I’m failing. I have so much hope one day and the next it’s heartbreaking.

I need to keep my head up…I’m doing all that I can do with what I’m given for the time being. My husband and family are being amazing pillars in my life and I need to focus on the positives and let go of these negatives…and have hope.


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