Living for the Weekend

26 Jun

Happy Tuesday everyone! After a sort of stressful week last week, I was in need of some summer fun.

This past weekend we started it out by having dinner at my mother and father-in-law’s house with my husband’s family. We grilled out and sat out on the deck. The weather was beautiful, mid 70’s, sunny, perfect.

So into the hockey game he climbed up on the railing with excitement…this is basically a weekly occurrence during the winter in our lives 😉

All the while, my crazy, hockey fanatic, ‘fan of the year’ (yes, they give out that award…) husband watched the NHL first round draft. Of which a favorite player of ours that plays on our local USHL team was chosen 14th in the first round. There were also 2 other players that got chosen in the first round and one from last year that got second round pick. This was very exciting for our small town team in only its second season in the USHL. They actually showed our ice arena on a few of the clips of him playing, it was pretty cool. David will be so excited when he reads that I actually mentioned this on my blog…be on the lookout for lots more hockey talk once September rolls around as it’ll consume our lives.

Saturday was another great day, although cloudy and a little chillier, we went swimming. Although I froze, had goose bumps underwater for a few hours until my lips turned blue, it was a lot of fun! We went with another couple that we hang out with and really enjoyed ourselves.

Later on Saturday, we took my nephew’s 4 year pictures, my other nephew’s 6 month pictures, and their family pictures. The weather wasn’t ideal, it was gloomy and I almost asked to reschedule, but they turned out very nice.

While in college taking all kinds of art and photography classes, David purchased a pretty nice Canon camera which we’ve started to finally feel comfortable using. We’ve taken my sister’s family pictures since my oldest nephew was born. And with the help of Facebook, we’ve had quite a few requests coming through to take more family/senior/engagement pictures. We both love doing it and make a great team! David takes the pictures while I set up poses/ideas and guide the subject and then edit the photos. Then we went and had some amazing taco pizza…a very nice Saturday!

On Sunday, my college friends and I decided to do a girls day. We were going to go tubing on a river nearby but Iowa is in somewhat of a drought (ok, not officially but we haven’t had a good amount of rain in a long time)…so the river was so low that they told us it’d take 7+ hours, without stopping, to float down stream. We decided to go to a water park about 90 miles away instead and since we were all coming from different areas of Iowa, we met there early Sunday morning.

We had the best weather! It was 80’s, sunny, blue sky, not cold at all in or out of the water.

It was so nice catching up with them. In college, I lived with a group of 7 girls throughout my 4 years and we know each other so well. We joke and tease and have serious conversations – which have changed so much over the past few years. It went from roommate drama, homework assignments, and tests to jobs, bills, and recipes. I miss these girls so much and whenever we are together, it doesn’t feel like any time has passed!

I love summer and this year it’s going so fast. I find myself wishing time away a lot so I really tried to live in the moment and enjoy the company around me. It was refreshing to say the least!

Now almost half way to the next fun weekend filled with lots of time to spend with my nephews…another fantastic pastime! But because I’m trying not to wish time by, tonight’s another night of marriage counseling…cough+cough…sand volleyball (Marriage Counseling is our team name as we are 3 married couples who oftentimes bicker throughout the games) – wish us luck, we need it!! {hehe}


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