Fourth of July

10 Jul

My town actually celebrates the 4th of July on July 3rd with an airshow and fireworks. Because this year it was midweek, we weren’t able to make it downtown for all of the festivities but friends of ours had a party at their house with foods, drinks, kiddos, and we could see the tips of the fireworks. It was nice to mix it up but not the same without the fireworks exploding right above us. We also missed the airshow which is usually pretty fun to watch the huge planes fly right over our heads and the sound follow about 10 seconds later! Though it was fun to do something different and stay out of the crowd of massive people!

On the fourth, we went with some friends to a local beach along the river. It was in the mid 90’s by noon and the sand was steaming hot! For about a quarter to a half mile walk through the sand, you finally reach water. This walk was pretty hilarious as all of our feet were burning through our flip flops as the hot sand heated them up and engulfed them as we took each step.

A friend of ours brought his jet ski and we took a few rides on that and just enjoyed each other’s company as we tossed a frizbee, football, and peeled the seaweed off our arms and legs…ooo the good ol’ Mississippi….

After the beach, we went out for Mexican food and then to a local golf course where they shot off fireworks RIGHT above our heads. In fact, some of the firework sparks didn’t burn out and actually landed around us. It was one of the best firework shows I’ve seen in a long time and nice to get our fix this year since we weren’t able to enjoy them as much on the 3rd. Hope everyone had a great 4th!!


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