My ABC’s

11 Jul

Ashley from MyFoodnFitnessDairies wrote a post using a survey she found called The ABC’s of Happiness. I thought it’d be fun to do myself! Enjoy…

A: Applebees – the 2 for $20 rocks!

B: Boating – Being on the river is so much fun whether it’s on a jetski, a beach, or a boat…nothing feels more like summer than being by water!

C: Creativity – I am a pretty creative person and am glad that I get to be creative every day!

D: Dance – I love to dance!

E: Early – I am an early bird for sure…I can hardly sleep past 5 AM these days!

F: Family – our families mean so much to us. I’ve always been close to my family, they are my main support system, my best friends, and I love them very very much! Family is everything.

G: Gizmo – Our baby…7 years old this Friday! I’ve had dogs I’ve loved very much growing up but I never thought I’d find a dog that I adore so much who also adores me! He’s always there to give me a little snuggle when I need it the most!

H: Hockey – hockey is our life in the winter…and the fall, spring, and summer…

I: Ice cream – Ice cream is meant to fill in the cracks.

J:  Jokes – I am a sucker for jokes, I tend to laugh at them no matter how good (or bad) they are!

K:  Kids – I love kids, they are so innocent, see everyone as they are, love to make you smile, have no worry in the world, and are simple.

L: Love – it’s what makes the world go ‘round!

M: Music –  I love all kinds, country, rock, rap, alternative, it all depends on my mood and what I’m doing…it always helps me express my feelings and get a good cry when I need one or remember a good memory.

N: Nephews – I love my nephews so much, they mean the world to me!

O: One Tree Hill – the best show in the world.

P: Pink – one of many, but ultimate, favorite color…especially hot pink!

Q: Quilt – although I don’t quilt I can crochet, my grandma made these amazing afghans and so with the help of my aunt, I taught myself how to crochet in college and although I haven’t in a while, I’d love to get back into it as I have 2 afghans waiting to be finished!

R: Running – although I can’t run right now, running will always be a part of me. It is my hobby, my destresser, and I love feeling strong and empowered.

S: Stars – Growing up I use to want to be an astronomer…what kid doesn’t?! The stars amaze me still today…makes me realize how small we are in this world.

T: Target – The best store around. Just going in there makes me happy!

U: Umbrellas – I really like cute patterned umbrellas…yes weird for the letter U but I couldn’t think of anything else!

V:  Vacation – Growing up, and still now, vacation was going camping and it’s something I love to do! There’s nothing like getting away and relaxing around a group of fun people! Our vacation to Mexico was fun too and we are hoping to go back soon!

W:  Walks – I love walking Gizmo (and I think he loves it too considering if I just say ‘walk’ he goes crazy)

X: X-Ray – I’ve never had an X-Ray done except for at the dentist office!

Y:  Yams – I have a new obsession with sweet potatoes! Yummm!

Z: We Bought A Zoo – one of my favorite movies!


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