Community Support Agriculture (CSA)

24 Jul

Sorry for not updating lately, I’ve been pretty busy both at work and at home. I am currently freelancing a wedding for August and we recently took some pictures for a friend’s 4 year old little girl, so the blogosphere has been set on the side burner. But I’m back!

Today I wanted to tell you all about our CSA! My sister and I heard about it through a coworker of her’s and saw a booth for sign-up at our local farmer’s market over the winter. We decided to try it out together and split it each week, and the cost.

Luckily, my husband’s insurance offers reimbursements for CSA’s so we got a good amount of our money back just by signing up! I think that’s so awesome in a health insurance company and that more should be offering reimbursements for healthy living.  This particular insurance company also offers reimbursements for fitness memberships which is also very nice!

If you are interested in a local CSA, make sure to check your insurance company and see if they offer any reimbursements to help you be a healthier you! It’s nice they are trying to prevent illness vs. offering help after the harm is already done…I could go on and on and on about this topic!!!

So what is a CSA?

“Farm members pay the farmers at the beginning of the growing season for a share in the season’s harvest on the farm.  In return the farm members, or shareholders, receive a weekly box of produce directly from the the farm that is delivered to several designated dropsites.” –Small Family Farm, CSA

It’s so important to shop locally and support your local farmers, one of the many benefits of a CSA. It also gives you the chance to eat foods that we are meant to eat…the foods that nature grows so we are sure to get the right nutrients for that time of year.

Here’s a peak at what we got in our box last week! {{This is before we split it…}}


Included in there is:

Patty Pans
Red Onions
Red Curly Kale

The program we signed up for is a 20-week program that goes from June to mid October. We get a different variety of vegetables and fruit each week for whatever is in season at that time of the year. I am so excited for fall when we get pumpkins!

With the drought this year, the crops have been hurting some, but we still get some pretty amazing stuff! I also love that we can try new things and new recipes while eating healthy and locally! For our family, with splitting it with my sister and receiving the reimbursement, it breaks down to about $7 a week for half of the box.

Last night we grilled the eggplant, it was very good and something I have never tried before! I’ve also had garlic scapes, collard greens, swiss chard, and patty pan…so many things I’ve never even heard of not to mention tried or cooked with! I really enjoy each week going on Google Images and seeing what each thing in our box is and different recipes to try.

This past week I also made Healthy Zucchini brownies using the zucchini we got last week. They turned out great! Look for the recipe to come.


“Who you choose to give your money to grow, cook or serve your food to you has an impact on your immediate economy, and ecology.” –Small Family Farm, CSA


2 Responses to “Community Support Agriculture (CSA)”

  1. Priscilla July 24, 2012 at 4:52 pm #

    What an awesome way to support your local farmers and get some goodies 😀 I wish we had those here!! BTW, Love Gizmo’s pic!!

    • ifgravityhappens July 27, 2012 at 5:32 pm #

      Thank you P! 🙂 🙂 He actually was drinking a root beer float with me (as you probably saw on FB) but i thought the picture was fitting for this post 😉 hehe

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