Bucket List

27 Jul

Happy Friday everyone! I want to start out by saying that I appreciate all of you reading during the days that are hard for me to get through…one thing about starting this blog was to hopefully help someone else some day but I’ve come to learn that a huge thing about this blog is for me to use it as an emotional outlet. I am able to write how I feel and not feel like I need to apologize for the days that I am struggling. It’s the reality of life whether it’s struggling with infertility or a death or any other challenge life throws at you. Having something to express how you are feeling is therapeutic and necessary. Thank you for allowing me to use all of you as a base for that therapy in my life.

Today is a new day and it’s the best day of the week…Friday! Yesterday when I was on a walk with Gizmo, I started to think of how often I wish my life away. We all do it, its human nature. But life is too short to go from day-to-day without really living. So today I want to focus on my Bucket List.

A Bucket List is basically a list of things you wish to accomplish before you die. It could be goals, aspirations, events, facing your fears, anything. It could change daily, be added to, things can be crossed off (and should be!), it can be things that are unrealistic and unreachable or things that could be accomplished today even. So here we go!

  1. Ride in a hot air balloon
  2. Visit Wilmington, NC to tour and see all of the One Tree Hill landmarks {I will do this some day!}
  3. Travel to Ireland and maybe France again
  4. Live for a few weeks in Hawaii (I have a girl I went to college with that lives there as a nurse and she has the most amazing pictures/videos and it’s her everyday life. I wouldn’t want to live there for long but to experience what it’d be like would be simply amazing.)
  5. Become a trainer or nutritionist of some sort to help others work towards their goals to live a healthier life.
  6. Take a class on cake decorating
  7. Work in a bridal shop (I just love weddings and it all starts at the dress!)
  8. Freelance full-time or have our own photography business/studio
  9. See a whale -yep, never seen one other than in Free Willy!
  10. Go horseback riding
  11. Do the Color Run (October 6th this will be crossed off!)
  12. Test drive an Audi (of course because of 50 shades …hehe)
  13. Go on a no-budget shopping spree
  14. Finish crocheting my blanket
  15. Have my mom teach me how to sew
  16. Take a pottery class (I absolutely loved pottery in high school)
  17. Run a half marathon (maybe even a full some day)
  18. Learn how to bartend (a week ago I had a dream I was hired as a bartender in a new restaurant and I’m not a very adventurous drinker so I was so lost and I had to flip the bottles just like on Coyote Ugly, I woke up scared to death)
  19. Do something for my parents to show my appreciation for graduating college debt free
  20. Take a jazzercise or zumba class
  21. Go zip lining
  22. Take my telescope out in the middle of nowhere and spend a night looking at the stars
  23. Get a tattoo (ok David and my mom are going to go nuts but I’ve always thought a (very) small, very discrete, meaningful tattoo would be special. )
  24. Be called mommy
  25. Have a professional organizer – or a maid would do 😉
  26. See a medium
  27. Adopt a dog
  28. Send off a bunch of floating lanterns all at once
  29. Own a pair of ice skates and ice skate outside
  30. Have a 50th wedding anniversary
  31. Learn how to make our own wine
  32. Live to see cancer be cured
  33. Find a four leaf clover
  34. Give up all processed food for 30 days
  35. Play hockey with David, just once.

So my list could really keep going on and on and on…and I might even do a Bucket List Second Edition!

I encourage you all to write your own Bucket List. It’s very refreshing and puts things into perspective. Life is short. We are here for a reason, whether it’s to live that life for everything it’s worth and enjoy the heck out of it or to change someone else’s life or even just to experience all there is to experience. Go out there and start living. I plan for this post to hold me accountable to start living and stop wishing time away. Time is too precious.

What are some things that would be found on your bucket list?


2 Responses to “Bucket List”

  1. Priscilla July 27, 2012 at 5:59 pm #

    Loved this post…just what I needed today 😀 P.S. I used to do jazzercise up until I found the board…maybe someday I’ll go back and you can join me! 😉

    • ifgravityhappens July 27, 2012 at 8:29 pm #

      haha that’d be awesome!! Where we play volleyball there is a jazzercise class and the music is always bumpin loud! it always sounds like so much fun! I’m not a real coordinated person though so ive always been too chicken to go and try it out 😉

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