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Jillian’s Yoga Meltdown

30 Aug

When I started decreasing the intensity of my workouts, I picked up walking and lots of recovery down time. I recently tried Zumba, have been playing at least 2 hours of sand volleyball a week, and trying to incorporate some yoga.

I’ve found YouTube to be a great source for yoga videos but some of them I just can’t quite get in to. They are great for managing stress and connecting mind and body but when it comes to feeling strong again, they haven’t been enough to consistently keep going back. Although I want to continue to try and get in to more relaxed, gentle yoga because I think the benefits are huge mentally and physically!

A few weeks ago, my friend sent me Jillian Michael’s Yoga Meltdown for me to try. Hello again, Jillian! I missed you!

Although the words “meltdown” and “mega calorie burn” on the cover scared me a little because I know how intense Jillian can be but even with my Marketing degree I am a sucker for those sneaky advertising gimmicks.

I woke up this morning, put on my yoga pants and ate a pre-workout snack.

By the way, this yogurt is the bom dot com – sorry I had to! Although I think they are lying to me that it’s greek yogurt but I love coconut so much that when I saw this I had to try it.

Have I said how much I love Jillian?? She always knows the right things to say to keep encouraging me and making me put all my effort in to something. I can and do quote her often!

Yoga Meltdown has 2 30-minute workouts, level 1 and level 2, each with their own warm up and cool down. It’s a ‘fast flowing’ yoga video that keeps you moving without bumping up the intensity like Jillian’s other videos. She takes you through a series of yoga pose circuits, repeats, and then you hold the pose, balance….for…15…seconds.

This workout was just what I needed to mix things up. It was just the right amount of ‘workout’ for me. I tried it out for the first time a few weeks ago and my triceps were still screaming at me while washing my hair 3 days later.

It was a great mix of strength and circuit training but at an average/slow pace. My heart rate stayed low to medium and I was able to work on my flexibility (coming from the girl who can’t touch her toes), build endurance in a pose, and focus mentally. Building endurance in a pose meaning that my body will shake less and less each time I do the killer Chaturanga pose, I hope!

As I get stronger and more experienced, I am looking forward to trying level 2. One thing I loved about my morning workouts is how much more energized I felt the rest of the day. I could have slept in the extra 30-60 minutes and felt more tired than what I did after a quick workout!

My workout buddy today!

If you are trying to incorporate some lower intensity workouts into your exercise schedule, Jillian Michael’s Yoga Meltdown was definitely worth trying and I plan to do this workout 1-2 times a week along with my walks. Don’t let the words on the cover discourage you if you are trying this video for a lower intensity workout, it definitely will make you feel active and get ya moving without overdoing it.

Everytime I finish yoga I get the urge to sit criss-cross applesauce and say “Ommmmmm”

Have a great day!

Do you like the new banner?

I decided to keep the name, for now anyways, and decided to just fit the look more in to the goals I have for this blog.


Blog Names

29 Aug

Happy Wednesday (is it really only Wednesday?!) So I’ve really enjoyed blogging the past few months to you. This blog started as a gateway for me to vent. Therapeutic ways to say what’s on my mind and share with you my battle with hypothalamic amenorrhea. It ALSO was created to share recipes, fitness and health tips, and as an overall health and fitness blog, joining the many others.

But today I want to pick your brains. I am thinking that the name/look/feeling of the blog isn’t what I want it to be. I want it to be more. I think I am trying to fit the health & fitness in to the infertility too much with the title. I want it to be more health and fitness than my battle with HA.

A huge passion of mine is helping others achieve their health and fitness goals. Happiness comes from within and I think that being active and feeling alive is huge and so many people are just discovering it. I want my blog to inspire and motivate as well as teach and entertain. This title means a lot to me personally but I want it to be more than that.

I need your help! I want a title/domain name that can mirror those goals of mine for this blog. I don’t necessarily want it to be something around JUST running or JUST food because I want a balanced mix.

Some examples of blogs I look up to and read daily are:

What names do you think would be a good fit for me and my blog?

When I came up with If Gravity Happens, I was feeling like I hit rock bottom with life’s challenges, felt helpless and out of control – mainly because of my infertility battles. But I think it’s a good name and maybe it’s a good name to keep. My blog is about how I continue to balance my life so that gravity DOESN’T happen and if it does, well then, we get back up and continue to strive towards that daily because that’s what life is about right? Maybe I don’t necessarily need to change my name but change the look and feeling of the blog to fit my goals better. I don’t want to be so locked-in because my life will continue to change and revolve.

I’ve Never Been So Excited

28 Aug

….for FALL! I can’t wait! The leaves are starting to change here…it’s not even September yet!? And that means I am getting fall fever!

Some of my coworkers and I dressed up as Jelly Belly’s for our work social

The best thing about living in Iowa is we have 4 very distinctive seasons. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love all 4 of them, but fall and spring seem to be my favorites! I also think Pinterest adds to the fun and excitement for fall!

Jackson and I last halloween

We have lots of exciting things happening this fall including some weddings, David’s birthday, our 2 year wedding anniversary, our weekend getaway, Jake Owen concert, camping at least one more time, hockey starts back up (next week already!), my 25th birthday of course, my friend, Priscilla, is coming to visit!, thanksgiving, pumpkin everything, Black Friday, scarves, boots…so many great things!

I made these costumes last year for David and I for the campground halloween weekend…wait for it….

Gizmo even made us dinner!

So today, I thought I’d post some things to get YOU excited with me! (Please click on the image to go to the source)

Homemade Pumpkin Butter…mmm mmm!! I’ve never tried this but it is on my list of things to try to make!

Healthy Pumpkin Spice Shake – also never have tried but can’t wait to try it out!

So cute!

Healthy No Bake Pumpkin Oatmeal Cookies

Hungry Girl’s Pumpkin Spice Cake

I need a personal shopper!

David i think i found your costume this year 😉

You can check out more of my pins at

But while we wait for fall to officially arrive, I am going to enjoy the last bit of summer with these 90 degree temperatures we are expected to have this week!