First Day of School

21 Aug

Local schools start back up today! Wow this summer flew by. The temperatures lately here have been very fall-like and it’s been refreshing! It is definitely helping me get excited for fall, as sad as it is that summer is coming to an end, I do love having all 4 seasons and the anticipation and memories that are unlocked when a new season emerges is always exciting!

Last night I had a long phone conversation with my friend, Jessica. I miss her so much and I posted about her a few posts ago about our Skype dates. She lives about 90 minutes away from me now so we don’t see each other near as much as I would like…except she is coming to visit this weekend! She always makes me laugh and I really feel like all my troubles disappear when I’m around her. In all honesty, out of all my friends, I feel like I can be myself more around her than anyone else.

While on the phone we were reminiscing about our college days. I thought it’d be a perfect day to recap on some of my favorite memories from my four years with some amazing girls!

In college, freshman year I lived with a friend, Sarah. Sarah and I clicked right away. We knew each other in high school but only through mutual friends and we instantly became close friends. We also found it very easy to live together! We lived together in the same room from freshman year through senior year and live only 10 miles away from each other now so we meet for ice cream and walks as much as we can.

Our freshman year, Sarah and I

Sarah and I at her wedding last summer

Our sophomore year we joined 2 other girls in a dorm that has 2 bedrooms split by a bathroom. Jessica joined us that year, but pretty much lived with us freshman year as she was always in our room, no complaints, I love her!

I love my friend Megan there with the mouth open, goofy face, she always makes a bad day good! 🙂

Junior and senior year we moved in to an on-campus apartment with a total of 8 girls in one apartment.

It had 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a kitchenette and living room. It was really nice and our college had tunnels that ran from building to building underground so living on campus was awesome because in the winter I could wear flip flops

We did have some downfalls and some drama, as expected with 8 girls living in a small space doing everything together, but it was an amazing experience and we made some great memories and had lots of laughs!

My college was on a huge hill so we went sledding in our laundry baskets when it snowed

I’ve learned over the last 2 years since graduation that sometimes friendships are meant to be forever and the ones that aren’t are ok because they are still a part of me even if we aren’t as close as we were those four years. I am fortunate to have had an amazing four years in college and wish I could go back sometimes, minus the papers/tests/presentations/stress/drama.

Best things about college:

  • Although I love cooking, it was really nice to get off my internship, out of class, or get done babysitting and go back to campus with dinner all ready for me! David still raves about their food…I beg to differ at times…nothing beats a homemade meal!
  • Getting out of class at noon: this meant I either had my internship, school work, or could hang out with my friends. That was a hard thing to get use to when I started my job. I missed the freedom that I had in school.
  • Since I did get homesick at times, I tried to be as involved as possible. I was web editor at the newspaper, president of a public relations club, had an internship at a pretty cool ad agency, was a work study in the college’s marketing department, and babysat the best set of triplets a girl could ask for! I miss being busy like this and having so many things to keep my mind off of stuff. Sometimes I think that’s why stress gets the best of me because I don’t have as much to preoccupy myself. I’m working on that one though!
  • On campus events: they always had a hypnotist, comedian, jello wars, ice cream socials, talent competitions, plays, mentalists, ghost hunters (I will never go to one of those again!! I was scared going to my art classes for weeks after that one!)
  • I miss having someone to hang out with at all times. There was always someone in the apartment that I could talk to, laugh with, cry on a shoulder, watch One Tree Hill, study with, walk with…it really was a time in my life that I met some of my closest friends!

What are some of your favorite memories from college?


One Response to “First Day of School”

  1. Jessica August 23, 2012 at 11:42 am #

    I absolutely love you! Thanks for being the best friend a girl could ask for! 🙂 You know I’m here for you always and that’ll never change!

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