23 Aug

My sister in law asked me all last summer to join her at her Zumba class. My answer weekly was “I think I’ll stick to my run.” My intensity of working out was so high that I felt, and still battle with at times, no workout was worth it unless I was dripping with sweat, ready to keel over. But you see how far that got me, and don’t get me wrong – I will someday be running again and dripping with sweat after my workouts, but I also have learned a lot and will not let myself get back to that point of not refueling properly.

Anyways, my sister has been doing a Zumba class for the past few months and they were told they could bring a guest for free the last 2 nights of class so she asked if I wanted to join her. I am trying to incorporate exercise back in to my life to help with my stress levels so I thought this is a perfect time to try some new types of exercise out like yoga and even Zumba.

I get really nervous in group class situations, and this was definitely out of my comfort zone. I also have never worked out with a group of people unless I was on a treadmill next to a window blocking everyone else out. My workouts have always been “me” time and I really enjoy the personal time. But I’m all for trying out new things and at the same time was looking forward to finally knowing what all the fuss was about.

We walked in to where the class was and there were only a few people who came. At 6:00 the teacher asked if we were ready and everyone kind of lined up. The first song came on, and the moves were pretty easy. The teacher was up on a stage so I could see what she was doing and she would throw out commands. After a few songs in, I could feel my heart rate getting up there which was nice to feel again. Then my sister’s friend leaned over and said, “That was only the warm up.” Not bad!

Each song that played, the moves got a little bit more dynamic. My heart rate stayed about the same the whole way through and there really wasn’t much time in between songs. A few of the songs I knew and some that I think were made just for Zumba. The songs I knew definitely were the easier ones as I kept up with the rhythm a lot better. Forty five minutes later, we were done with our last song and on to the cool down which was some stretching and swaying.

Overall, I liked it. With my low intensity exercising that I am doing right now, it was definitely a nice treat! I had fun and forgot about life for an hour and that’s what exercising is in my life right now so it was a great workout for me. I got out of my comfort zone and felt energized.

At the beginning of this year, I wouldn’t have considered it to be much of a workout but I am rediscovering what working out means for me right now and it’s not to run 6 miles or get super strong. It’s to unwind, relax, stay healthy, and keep moving. Exercise should be fun and trying out Zumba made me really embrace that.

I also think I learned some pretty mean dance moves that I will be sporting the next time I hear the song I’m Sexy and I know it

This wasn’t our class but I found this video on YouTube and they are doing the exact dance we did. I thought I’d share 🙂


2 Responses to “Zumba”

  1. Priscilla August 23, 2012 at 5:39 pm #

    Mean dance moves, hehehehe….you’re gonna have to show me those! 😉

    • Mallory August 30, 2012 at 10:24 am #

      Hahaha zumba morning after number 2: im actually kinda sore. I musta grooved and shimmied too much 🙂

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