Life is a Gift

19 Sep

I came across a Facebook page today with a story of a young woman who passed away from suffering a stroke during childbirth. Their little guy was 7 weeks early and the mom was taken from her family far too soon.

You may have heard about it as it’s been about a month after it was discovered by the media but this story really touched me and as I write this, tears fill my eyes.

Here’s a few articles on the story:

The tragic story

Jake Owen voices his sympathy (I’ll be seeing him in concert next week!)

I am so sorry for the family, husband, and baby boy of this young woman. The story and the strength of the father was a definite eye opener for me.

Some days I feel like the things I am struggling with are so awful, like it’s the end of the world. And although this battle is not an easy one, hearing stories like this puts life right back into perspective…

I wanted to share this on my blog today because it shows the incredible strength that people in the world have when they are faced with things that are bigger than anything I’ve ever had to endure.

Sometimes I feel like I take my life for granted because of the things I want so bad in the future.

I promise to you at this moment that I will forever be thankful and appreciate the good things in my life instead of sulking in the things that I don’t have at this moment.

I have the most amazing family that anyone could ask for; I have a loving husband, 2 sweet nephews, a devoted pup, and awesome friends. I can see, hear, taste, smell, feel, walk, run, cry, laugh, and smile. I am healthier than I was yesterday. I have a good job, a bed to sleep in, and food to eat. So how selfish is it of me to continue to feel sorry for myself because of the battle I am facing right now in my life when someone else in the world is going through something like this?

I can’t even imagine the pain he is feeling and the sadness that little boy will carry around with him.

But he continues to push on. His life changed forever that day but he’s picked himself back up, being a hero of a dad to his baby boy, and trying to sort through the unfair reality he’s been dealt with.

This story inspired me to take another look at where I am at today and the hardships I’ve been faced and reevaluate my life as if tomorrow was my last day.


2 Responses to “Life is a Gift”

  1. Priscilla September 19, 2012 at 5:59 pm #

    Thanks for sharing!! Definitely makes you realize just how precious life is ❤

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