The One that Got Away

28 Sep

The company I work for also employs Jake Owen’s dad in Florida, so my company sponsored a small concert in town last night for Jake Owen to come and perform. We were all given 2 free tickets to bring a guest. I was lucky my supervisor wasn’t taking anyone with her so my mom and David both got to go!

Not only did they give us tickets but we were in the 3rd row and they had a private reception before the concert for us employees and our guests for food and drinks. I couldn’t believe the food spread that they had: fruit, veggies, prime rib, shrimp, pizza, meatballs, stuffed mushrooms, desserts, and an open bar!

Jake Owen even came out before the concert and talked to all of us and did a little Q&A session.

After filling our tummies with food and adult beverages, we found our seats. They really couldn’t have been any better!

Jake came out and performed his heart out! After making a comment about wishing he had a drink in his hand, the guy behind us handed us a full bear to pass up to him.

Jake then threw his baseball cap out to that guy for him to keep. He also threw out lots of guitar picks, drum sticks, and interacted with the crowd. He was amazing in concert!

I like every type of music from rock to country and everything in between but no matter what kind of music it is, concerts are always so much fun.

We enjoyed ourselves so much and it was nice to get my mind off things and just really have fun and truly smile from ear to ear and sing, dance, and scream.

It was also nice to bond with my coworkers some more and just have a night out together outside of the office.

David had a few too many and is feeling the after effects today but we have a big weekend coming up! The home opener of hockey for our town is tonight and we are excited for another season to start. Tomorrow we are going to an Apple Festival so expect a recap on that on Monday! Hope you all have an amazing weekend and make lots of fun memories.


2 Responses to “The One that Got Away”

  1. claireknudsen September 28, 2012 at 2:16 pm #

    Do you know I am so jealous of your life right now? I LOVE Jake Owen, and that looks like SO much fun!

    • Mallory October 8, 2012 at 8:46 am #

      Aww haha well if u ever get a chance to see him in concert…it was def worth it!!

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