The Last Chance Survey

30 Oct

I haven’t done a survey in a while and thought it’d be a fun thing to post for a Tuesday morning 🙂 I got this one from Ashley who got it from Paige. Thanks ladies!! Enjoy 🙂

Last Chance Survey

1. Last food you ate?

My pumpkin pie steel cut oatmeal with a banana, chopped walnuts, raisins and milk

2. Last beverage you drank?

Milk this morning with my breakfast but I did end the night with a glass of wine while I was cleaning…

3. Last workout?

I went for a 2.5 mile walk with my mom yesterday afternoon. It was really nice and relaxing!

4. Last thing you pinned?

These delicious looking pieces of heaven (recommended from my friend, Priscilla!)

5. Last text message you sent?

To David…we have 2 small TVs we are looking to get rid of but Goodwill wont take them and we heard it’s bad to dump them so someone told us Best Buy will take them? Any other ideas? Well anyways, our texts were regarding that 😉

6. Last blog you visited?

Lindsey’s at A Running Tale : check out the hockey game and zoo that she went to over the weekend! She pretty much rocks 🙂

7. Last tweet you sent?

I haven’t been tweeting lately but it appears my last one was…

8. Last place you visited?


9. Last time you did ab work?

Last week I did an easy elliptical work out and then did a few crunches on the stability ball…and by a few I literally mean like 2 sets of 30.

10. Last show you watched?

Private Practice – I’m hooked…

11. Last thing you baked?

An Apple Crisp which is all gone now so I am going to make another this week!

12. What is the last thing you Instagrammed?

13. Last item on your to-do list today?

 I am just starting my day so my last item today will probably be to get the garbages together for garbage day tomorrow…thrilling 😉
Make today a great day!

One Response to “The Last Chance Survey”

  1. Lindsey October 30, 2012 at 8:05 am #

    Thanks for sharing my blog! It was a good weekend indeed 🙂
    Those cookies look yummy, I am pinning them right after this!

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