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Just a few of my favorite things

29 Nov

In honor of December fast approaching, I am getting prepared and excited for the next month! I did some Black Friday shopping as well as some Amazon shopping last week and am getting lots of things crossed off my list.

Can you believe it?! Only 25 more days until Christmas! Thanks for the idea Lindsey from A Running Tale!  (Though, yours is so much cuter!!) Next year I will think ahead and take my time with it but for now, this will do!

I also got our tree all set up and our house mostly decorated for Christmas although we don’t have a ton of decorations but I am ok with that for now!

My collection will grow and a lot of the stuff that I do have is stuff that my mom put out when I was growing up so it makes it extra special!

I looked all over for my Baby’s First Christmas ornament and realized the one I had was my sister’s! I will be returning that to her tree tonight. I think I may have forgotten some of my childhood ornaments at my parent’s house. But for now, here are some of my favorites on my tree from the past few years…

Every year my mom, sister, and I go out together and pick out our ornaments for the year. This was mine that my sister and I got last year. We have always been close growing up but there’s nothing like the friendship we have now. Daffy just cruises around the tree all day!

This was my ornament the year before. The year we got married. This picture was a candid shot and is one of my favorites from our wedding day!

…Can’t forget this one!

Side bar: my coworker and her little girl made these for Thanksgiving. Aren’t they adorable?! Reese’s Peanut butter cups and a malt ball frosted to an Oreo cookie with some candy corn. It was as good as it is cute!

Side bar number 2: My mom got me this bag full of corn that you can heat up in the microwave a few years ago. Mostly for aches and pains but lately I have been heating it up at night before I go to sleep and it warms me up right away. Right now, this is a can’t live without item in my house! I couldn’t get a good picture of it so I’ll just take you to some on Etsy! You can also get them with cherry pits, rice, and who knows what else inside of them. Mine is field corn though so it doesn’t pop like popcorn!

This past week I made this soup. It’s a copycat recipe for Olive Garden’s Zuppa soup. It was veryyy good and not too hard or time consuming. I really love my crock pot lately!

Ok my favorite things so far going into December…

Walks. My mom is going through an AMAZING transformation right now and we have been doing lots of walks together! I am so proud of her! The weather has been decent to continue walking for a little while longer, we just fight with the sun every day because it sets too early! On days like the above, I get a little stir crazy and really miss my runs but being able to get out and walk has helped ease the temptation!

Starbucks. Ok I try not to make Starbucks a habit because it’s outrageous for what I can make at home to satisfy any cravings but every Black Friday we go to Starbucks for a break from all of the shopping and most years I’ll get hot chocolate or a pumpkin spice latte but it never fails that that early in the morning, my stomach regrets it so this year I went for a hot Passion tea sweetened with a little honey (Thanks Priscilla!!).

Around my birthday, I found a phrase that says “Hope anchors the soul”. 2012 has been a year in my life where I’ve had so much more hope than I ever have before. Anchors symbolize stability through a storm, something to keep you in place when the waters get rough. If there’s any symbol out there for me right now, it’s an anchor. I found this charm a few weeks ago and have it on a necklace to remind me that I am forever hopeful and that will keep me strong.

Our fireplace that photographs horribly. Last week we went to have a fire and 2 dead birds dropped down…poor things. So right now our fireplace is out of order until we get it all cleaned out. But I can’t wait to have our first fire of the season!

So for now, this will do! This candle smells soooo good!!!!!!!!!!!!

Last but not least…my Christmas time nail polishes! The glitter stuff peels off in one big chunk – I couldn’t classify that as a bad or a good thing, I love when that happens but hate that I have to redo it then!

And for the grand finale…Christmas music! I have been jamming to the Lady Antebellum Holiday Pandora station for 2 weeks now!


Thinking Out Loud

27 Nov

Today I need to just type out my thoughts and feelings, both positive and negative, just to have some ‘blog’ therapy.

When I first got my cycle back in May after my battle with hypothalamic amenorrhea, I had thought the road would be so much easier from there on out. After two longer but ‘regular’ cycles, I trusted my body that things were going to work out. I was rudely awakened when the next cycle was longer than ever and after 40+ days I was prescribed Provera to induce a new cycle. Seven days later, I unknowingly (because it was so early) had a chance but my hormones dropped too soon and another cycle began. Now, 40+ days later…I continue to patiently wait for one single chance.

After many people have told me to give it all up, I have. I haven’t been waking up at 5 in the morning every day to take my temperature and chart my progress; I now only do it once a week. I have given up using every tool under the sun to tell me when my chance may be near. It’s very scary as that one chance is unpredictable now and my small 24 hour window may be missed but I am out of options.

On the other hand, it has also been refreshing. I have gotten more sleep and I think less about how many days have gone by without any changes, the disappointment is still there but it’s not constantly reminding me each day I wake up.

In the meantime, David and I have been exploring other options before my Doctor’s appointment next week. We have done our research and are preparing for what our next steps may be. I have also been fighting my own struggle by looking deep inside myself to decide if I am ready to ask for help.

I keep fighting this feeling inside me that if we need help, it’s me giving up on my body. Is it? Am I not having enough patience? Does that make me weak? If I continue to give it more time, will it happen on its own?  How long am I willing to let eventually or someday be?

We have now seen friends get pregnant and have their babies all while we are still fighting for a chance. But our chance has got to be out there no matter what road we take to get there, this will be behind us one day and we will forever cherish our little miracle. I am at a very healthy place in my life. This past year has made me grow up, realize what being a Mother means, realize what healthy means, and realize how bad we both want to be parents. Now it’s just a matter of what’s next?

So today, my update is vague. There really isn’t much of one. I have so much hope for next year and although it may not be an ideal road, I hope to see the sun someday soon!

Day of Thanks

22 Nov

Thanksgiving every year is always a day that I look at my life and what really matters to me. This year has been filled with ups and downs but through it all, I am more thankful for the people, love, and support than I ever have been in the past. The older I am getting, the more I am realizing what really matters in my life and the things that will get me over any mountain in front of me. I am thankful for so much that I’m not even sure I will be able to put it into words but I am sure gunna try!

  • My family – through the past year with losing a close friend, we’ve been there for each other and family is the most important thing in my life, I love them so much and hope someday I can figure out a way to show them! My sister and her family bring so many happy moments to my life, my Dad demonstrates so much strength, and my Mom is my biggest cheerleader. Thank you all so much for being the best family a girl could ask for!
  • David – can’t imagine life without you! You may be silly sometimes and a little obsessed with hockey, but you are one of a kind and one that brings so much happiness, hope, and together we can get through anything! Love you lots!!
  • My In-Laws & family – You never fail to make me laugh and lighten any situation. You all welcomed me in with open arms and from day one have been my second family!!
  • My friends – I have finally realized what good, true, selfless, and genuine friendship means and I am so thankful for my friends from high school and college that are still so close as well as the new friendships I have made in the past few years. I love you all so much and you accept me for me!
  • My home, health, memories, faith, hope, future, and so much more – I am lucky to be alive today and constantly remind myself of that daily.

I hope you all have a very special day today and I encourage you to think of all of the things you are thankful for in your lives. It will definitely put things into perspective. Enjoy some wine, enjoy some pie, but most of all enjoy the people that surround you and the love that fills your homes. Have a happy day!