Thursday Thoughts

10 Jan

Just a quick post to say hello and give you some random entertainment for today!

1. How come the first regular length week following short one(s) always seems like it lasts 3 weeks long instead of just a normal 5 days?!

2. I am meeting up with some friends on Saturday from college. Girls I lived with, made tons of memories with, and miss so much! I also get to meet one friend’s baby for the first time and see how much my other friend’s little guy has grown. It’s always nice catching up with everyone!

3. I am addicted to Pinterest again. I go in waves, sometimes I can’t get off the darn site and other times I could do without or don’t even think about going on! By the way, did you know they have “secret/private” boards now? I have one specifically for all things pregnancy, baby, and kids just so people don’t keep assuming but I can still keep those interesting articles/ideas all organized and within reach! Some day soon I hope to make that board public!

4. David and I went to Target the other night and I couldn’t help but feel all warm and fuzzy inside, I absolutely love Valentine’s Day and it’s that time of year again! The store was filled with pink, red, hearts, and love. By the way, why did we go to Target? Our dog is obsessed with getting Milkbone treats multiple times a day and we ran out the night before…so instead of listening to him moan and whine for days until Sunday rolls around, we made a special trip to the store! Lucky dog…

5. While writing this post, David texted me and told me that our local USHL assistant coach just called him up and asked if he could practice with them today! Isn’t that awesome?! I said “you are joking right?” He said, “No! Serious! Their goalie wasn’t able to make practice today and they need someone to shoot at.” I am just so excited for him that they even reached out to him! Pretty cool! He can’t though because like everyone else in the world, he works for a living…bummer! Maybe next time!!

6. I remember January of last year and how much hope I felt going into the 2012 year, I knew in my heart we would be holding a little one of our own come Christmas time and although it didn’t work out for us, I haven’t felt this much hope and excitement since! Praying the end to this chapter is near and the beginning of the next will soon be here! (Didn’t mean to rhyme just now…)

7. Sorry for ZERO pictures! I am the worst at capturing the random parts of my life and must get better so that you don’t always have to read these boring, wordy posts!


2 Responses to “Thursday Thoughts”

  1. simoneatrealgoodfood January 10, 2013 at 1:42 pm #

    This is a lovely post! I love the randomnes and also thoughtfulness in every single one of it. I feel like this week is going on forever as well..TGIF tomorrow. I love catching up with friends too. It is so nice to meet old fellow students again and to see how they are doing. I understand your disappointment in 2012. But don’t give up and try to stay positive…I have the feeling 2013 will be a good year. 2012 wasn’t at all what I thought it would be and so I have hope that 2013 will be good for all of us. Happy Thursday Mallory 🙂 Simone

    • Mallory January 20, 2013 at 8:33 pm #

      Thanks Simone! 🙂 🙂 It means so much to have such an amazing support group in my personal life as well as from my blog friends and readers!!!

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