My First Trader Joe’s Experience

18 Feb

Happy Monday! This past weekend, David and I road tripped to the nearest (about an hour and a half drive) Trader Joe’s. We made a day out of it and went to the mall and did a little shopping and then headed to stock up on a few items I’ve been wanting from Trader Joe’s and see what all the fuss is about. Around here, not to many have heard of Trader Joe’s before so I wasn’t really sure on what to expect and we had a lot of people ask us what Trader Joe’s was when we told them we were going there.


In case you aren’t familiar with Trader Joe’s, it’s a smaller sized grocery store that carries a variety (mostly Trader Joe brand) all natural, wholesome, organic food for a fraction of the price of the same product found in your grocery store’s organic section.


What I really wanted was some Cookie Butter (my friend, Priscilla, sent me some a while back and it’s almost gone! It doesn’t really have any nutritional value to it, the calories are less than peanut butter but there isn’t as much protein in it because it doesn’t have nuts BUT it’s pretty awesome on top of ice cream or with pretzels dipped in it…I’ve also seen some dessert recipes that call for it as well.


We started at one end of the store and worked our way to the other end. It was a bit overwhelming the whole time we were in there because of course we went on a Saturday early afternoon and I swear it was the day to go to Trader Joe’s because the place was packed! Carts, people flying around…a zoo! Unfortunately, this made our whole experience a little less relaxing than I had hoped. I felt like everyone knew what they were getting and where to find it and it never failed that we happened to be in their way looking at all of the products.

Some of the stuff they had I can get back home so I passed over some that I may have gotten if we had a Trader Joe’s closer to us but I got stocked up on some specialty items that I wanted to try or knew I couldn’t beat the price back home (like their Hummus salad dressing, some salsa, Quinoa and black bean chips, frozen chicken breasts, etc.)

With our cart loaded up, we checked out…but not before stopping and getting a few TJ’s bags and candy bars. The PB&J chocolate bar that I’ve seen on a lot of blogs lately was devoured by David and I before we hit the highway to head home.


I’m excited to try all of the items we got and share with you my thoughts on some of the products. I wish we had a Trader Joe’s closer to us but it was a nice day trip together and fun to experience Trader Joe’s for myself!

I lost my sun glasses! I'm sure I'll find them somewhere (my friend's wouldn't exactly explain me as organized...) So my Color Run obnoxious green sun glasses road tripped with us!

I lost my sun glasses! I’m sure I’ll find them somewhere (my friend’s wouldn’t exactly explain me as organized…) So my Color Run obnoxious green sun glasses road tripped with us!

Our weekend ended with my Mom’s birthday! (Happy Birthday Mom!!!!) We had a very nice dinner together Saturday night at a restaurant called Houlihan’s (it’s a chain, have you ever ate there? They have THE best fish tacos and pretty good chocolate martinis!). The weekends always go by so fast!


What’d you do this weekend?

Do you have a Trader Joe’s near you? What are your favorite products?


4 Responses to “My First Trader Joe’s Experience”

  1. myneonrunningshoes February 18, 2013 at 7:46 am #

    I also went to TJ Saturday (second time this week!) My favorite things from there have been the champagne pear salad dressing, lemonade, and ice cream sandwiches! They also have good speculoos cookies and pesto sauce 🙂

    • Mallory February 19, 2013 at 7:26 pm #

      Wow! Great minds think alike 😉 Ooo that champagne pear salad dressing sounds interesting, but good!! We saw some ice cream smores but decided against them, now I wish we would have went for it!!!

  2. Lindsey Knudson February 18, 2013 at 9:03 am #

    Love Cookie Butter! I cannot wait to stock up in AZ ours is nearly gone. I always make sure to visit TJs when we are in the States, the closest one to us is in Seattle, so about a 16 hour drive. Lol

    • Mallory February 19, 2013 at 7:25 pm #

      No way! You don’t have trader joe’s in Canada?! I’ll have to remember that!!!!!

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