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Time Travel

26 Mar

Thank you all for your sweet comments on everything going on lately! You can’t imagine the feeling I get when I read everyone’s comments about your support and encouragement, it seriously warms my heart and gives me such a boost of positivity and confidence that is irreplaceable!

Last Thursday we had tickets to an event called Best Fest. It’s the best of everything in our town…best italian food, best mexican food, best long island ice tea, best ice cream,  best hair salon, etc. It’s an annual event that we have went to the past 3 years and it’s totally worth the money (plus it goes towards Hospice which is a great cause!)


There are ballots leading up to the event where you can vote like at a bank in town or in the newspaper or online so the community votes and they compile “The Best” list and then those vendors can come to the event and serve whatever they won for.


My sister, mom, and I. I'm so darn proud of my mom!!!! She looks amazing!

My sister, mom, and I. I’m so darn proud of my mom!!!! She looks amazing!

We went hungry because we knew we’d want to try almost everything and be pretty full by the end…and we definitely were! Sample sized things sure add up and by the time you’ve visited every vendor, it hits ya like Thanksgiving dinner! 😉


If you’ve never heard of a place called Happy Joes, yep…it’s the best pizza in this world! Trust me!

Some of the things we had: Olive Garden salad, Panera bread soup, some Turkey and Dressing Sandwiches (have you ever had one? It’s a totally local thing here so it seems completely normal to smash bread and turkey inbetween a bun…I imagine you are looking at me a little weird right now?), tacos from a local Mexican restaurant, chocolate bunnies, mini desserts, pie, ice cream, stuffed mushrooms, boneless wings, fish, pizza…




These stuffed mushrooms from our date night were also there!

And then there were drinks…mimosas, margaritas, long islands, wine, the new flavored Lime-arita (Strawberry flavored, like a liquid jolly rancher), a beer that tasted like coffee, and domestic draft.


Talk about all you can eat and drink!

IMG_20130321_191930This past weekend we had a few hockey games and a girls night with a few friends. We went to a little town in Illinois that has a bunch of shops and restaurants. My friend, Amber, has an awesome breast cancer ribbon tattoo in honor of her survivors and after recently losing her Grandma to cancer, she got her dates added by her name. It was really special to be there with her!

This was last year on a girls night we had...silly me didn't take ANY pictures of the 3 of us Saturday night!

This was last year on a girls night we had…silly me didn’t take ANY pictures of the 3 of us Saturday night!

Before her appointment, we went to a restaurant called Gobbie’s. They make these pizza dough balls that are so amazing we pretty much filled up on those and salad, getting a to-go box for the rest of our meal.


Their raspberry vinaigrette was amazing!


A pita stuffed with chicken, lettuce, tomato, feta cheese, and italian dressing and seasoned fries. Very good!

A pita stuffed with chicken, lettuce, tomato, feta cheese, and italian dressing and seasoned fries. Very good!

After the tattoo appointment we headed back home and went to our favorite little spot called Corked. It’s a chocolate, gelato, wine place and they have little couches and tables set up to visit and relax. We split a bottle of wine and shared a lot of laughs!


Now after all of that food talk…I’m pretty hungry! It was a great weekend and I am looking forward to a little longer Easter weekend around the corner! We are possibly going to reach 50! Bring out the shorts and flip flops!

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Fear of the unknown

21 Mar

I debated on if I wanted to write this on my blog or not but after lots of thinking about it, I decided if this is going to be a healthy living/infertility blog, I don’t want some things hidden especially if it can help someone else get through any fears, doubts, or worries.

A majority of my readers are struggling with hypothalamic amenorrhea or infertility in general and it’s a hard thing to go through but it’s even harder if you feel alone. With Facebook and so many bloggers getting pregnant and having babies, it really is hard to NOT feel like you are the only one who is struggling. I’m shouting out to all of you today, sharing my story, and hoping that your time spent here will reassure you that you are NOT alone and I am sending so much love and support out to all of you because I get it.

After a couple responded but failed medicated cycles, my Doctor wanted to do some further testing; just in case my HA was masking something bigger.

Unfortunately, now that I am categorized as an infertility patient, I am no longer covered by my insurance. That’s another whole post that I won’t boggle you down with right now but definitely something that I wish was different in the world.

Further testing happened yesterday when I had a hysterosalpingogram (HSG). An HSG is an x-ray test where they insert contrast to see if everything is clear and normal and look for any abnormalities.

I was pretty nervous for this test. I had no idea what to expect (except for the BIG mistake of Googling for experiences). It wasn’t pleasant but it was, I’m sure, less painful than labor so that’s the attitude I went in with. I was more or less nervous about finding out any bad news than the actual test.

I had to go to Radiology for the test and a nurse took me back to a very large room with some huge machines and monitors. The nerves kicked up a notch…

She explained what was going to happen and who was going to be in there with us. The nurse was amazing! She was so helpful, very comforting, and was like having a friend in there with me! She told me my Doctor would be down shortly and he would be conducting the test and she would be in there as well as a radiologist to run the x-ray machine.

My doctor came in and explained a few things to me and got started. I laid back and the nurse was very helpful with keeping me super comfortable and not exposed. My doctor went through what he was doing every step of the way. I haven’t decided if that was a good or bad thing. It kind of made me feel a little uneasy at times but it was nice to kind of know what to expect. As soon as I was ready for it to be over, it was done. And that was that!

It was uncomfortable with a little bit of pain but I was glad I took the phone nurse’s advice prior to my appointment about taking 800 mg of Ibuprofen an hour before.

My doctor seemed excited to give me great news that things looked normal! I think he saw the bricks being lifted off my shoulders one at a time as he went over my x-ray with me.

Worst part of it all was that I didn’t eat much beforehand, only a sandwich because my nerves got the best of me with a mix of more nerves, going through something uncomfortable like that, and then getting up too fast; I was told I could get dressed and almost immediately I felt light headed. I remember looking at myself in the mirror thinking, I can not pass out so I quickly got dressed and made it to the nurse who eased me into a chair and got me some water. My doctor made sure I was ok but continued on talking about next steps, next appointments, etc. and I imagine I looked like death because I could barely make out what he was saying to me.

After a good time resting in the room with the nurse after my doctor left, I felt my strength and vision come back and was able to leave.

It was a huge relief to know that any more obstacles I feared were now crossed of our list of possibilities and replaced with so much hope!

The fear of something unknown is one of the worst fears someone can have. I am definitely a worry wort and I have to try really hard NOT to think the worst case scenario (I am also a planner…those things set up the best climate to make someone stressed…) but eliminating these one by one is really helping me to continue to be positive and enjoy the present because I know that what we want in our future is possible.

Fun Facts Friday: Weather Edition

15 Mar

So last year we had crazy out of the normal, warm temperatures…


How unfair is this….

Screen shot 2013-03-15 at 7.08.21 AM

That’s this week’s forecast. I think they need to get that little ground hog….

1. I can’t get enough of this song! I absolutely love it and it may just be my favorite song at the moment 🙂 I may be caught dancing in my kitchen to it a time or two.

2. Yesterday I received a package from a dear friend with this in it,


It is seriously the cutest, most meaningful necklace I’ve ever seen! I love it so so much!!! Have you ever heard of Origami Owl?

3. Mark on your calendars National Infertility Awareness Week (NIAW) coming up the week of April 22nd!

4. Today for my workout, I wanted to pull out an old Jillian video to mix it up and I only had 30 minutes so I went to do my Ripped in 30…looked in the last 10 DVD cases of movies we’ve watched in the last year, nothing. Looked everywhere. Can’t find it! So I thought I’d refresh my memory of how much torture her 6 Week 6 Pack video is! I only did the first round of the level because my legs were about to give out but it was a nice, quick sweat session (without over doing it) with a short Blogilates video to end. This weekend’s to do list: go through every DVD case I own looking for that DVD. I am the worst at putting the actual DVD away where it belongs…are you sensing the pattern here?

5. My sister gave me these beautiful daffodils that she bought for a fundraiser at work. Aren’t they so happy feeling? I sure feel loved!!!

20130315_074142My Christmas cactus at work that I’ve been bragging about…check it out now!!

20130313_0805146. I made these Pumpkin Chocolate Chip bars earlier this week. Very easy and pretty good!

20130312_205720Have a great day!!!