Join The Movement: We Matter

24 Apr

I recently read an article that pointed out that infertility is similar to how breast cancer was 30 years ago. Breast cancer was dealt with in private because it was a disease that was never completely understood because women didn’t talk about it much. Infertility has been treated very similar as breast cancer was years back. It is something that is battled privately, a battle that so many couples struggle with in silence. But why?

Why is infertility something that is so taboo to talk about? When did it become something we should feel ashamed and embarrassed of?

This is something I can’t stop thinking about during this year’s National Infertility Awareness Week.

Society doesn’t treat infertility like they treat, for example, diabetes. Diseases are treated with doctors, medication, lifestyle changes, a lot of heart, soul, and tears but yet infertility is seen as less acceptable by society.


“In 2009, the World Health Organization officially defined infertility as a disease. Yet many individuals, organizations, and insurance companies still say that having children is a lifestyle choice and that infertility is not a serious medical issue. Some even liken fertility treatments to cosmetic surgery. But ask the millions of couples desperately trying to get pregnant whether or not having children is a necessity. Why would they subject themselves to months of years of such turmoil if, to them, it weren’t essential to try?” Dina Roth Port, The Huffington Post, Infertility: The Disease We Need to Start Talking About

Resolve has dedicated this week in April to get people talking, to open up about issues, advocate for change, and instill hope in those still struggling. It’s for us to come together and make a difference, to educate those around us, and to find our voice on the issue. Change is made when there is enough passion to make it happen.

“The bottom line is that far too many people are suffering. But by suffering in silence, the stigma persists and the advances we need to overcome infertility will never become a reality”…”It starts with those struggling with infertility saying, “We matter.” –Dina Roth Port

This doesn’t mean you have to shout off the rooftops that you are struggling with infertility, I personally still haven’t openly announced our struggles with my world 100% but gradually we have opened up to those around us and this NIAW I have felt much more confident in advocating for what I feel so strongly about. My blog has been a huge help with that. It’s a place where I can share my knowledge, speak from my heart, and all without judgement (hopefully).

Some ways that you and I can help is to speak openly about infertility and take seriousness in the fact that anyone around you could be dealing with infertility, join or start up a support group in your area, participate in the Walk of Hope (becoming increasingly popular), contact your elected officials with concerns and ideas, and most importantly, just keep the conversation going about infertility. The more we talk and discuss it, the more comfortable and accepted the issue will become.

As we continue to struggle with our own infertility, I hope to always be a part of this movement. I will not allow those to feel like they are going through this alone. I will not allow financial hurdles that could so easily go away with the help from Washington get swept under the rug. And I will continue to be open about our struggles to keep the conversation going that infertility is a disease, it is something 1 in 8 struggle with, and it is something that needs to change. We matter. Our dreams matter. And our futures matter.


For more information on infertility, NIAW, or what you can do to join the movement:


4 Responses to “Join The Movement: We Matter”

  1. maureenbreakingfree April 25, 2013 at 7:35 am #

    Well said! It’s sad how backwards this country can be sometimes. All we can do is keep pushing and spread awareness. Hopefully then people will start waking up!

    • Mallory May 22, 2013 at 6:08 am #

      So true, it’s hard to take a stand on some things – especially things like infertility because a lot of people are private about it but even if the action happens after beating IF, we need to be heard.

  2. Em May 3, 2013 at 3:14 pm #

    I had never heard about the comparison between breast cancer and infertility. How fascinating! Thanks for sharing this very valuable piece of info! It’s so interesting because breast cancer obviously has no stigma whatsoever…I could be wrong about this, but I’m always seeing people wearing “I love boobies” bracelets, “Team Tatas” t-shirts, and holding up signs saying “Save second base.” Not so much with infertility. I sure hope that with voices like yours bravely speaking out for infertility, our disease will make progress against the stigmas and silence and in the not-too-far future, maybe we’ll have bracelets that say…um…”I love ovaries?” Doesn’t really have the same ring though, does it? (-:

    Wishing you only the best on your journey. My hope for you is that your dreams come true for your family.


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