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Love List

21 Jan

I know it’s not even February yet but I love Valentine’s Day! I think it’s because everything is in shades of pink….there’s no way I’m the only girl in the world who thinks Target is even more addicting and appealing when this time of year comes around?!

Here are some things I’m loving right now!

1)  Peppermint. I’m still stuck in the peppermint phase – peppermint tea, peppermint baths, peppermint lotion (thank you Lindsey!!! I’m blaming this obsession a little on you hehe) So refreshing!


2)  Yoga, still. 🙂 I’ve been trying to do a minimum of 10 minutes of yoga a day just to de-stress mainly and keep stretching. I have really tight hamstrings (probably from all the running I use to do without ever stretching!) so a lot of poses that I try that involve extending my legs, I struggle with. Plus it’s something I enjoy and that’s what life is all about right?! Doing things that make you happy.

3)  Wellness in the workplace. To fight the winter blues, the company I work for has purchased some exercise equipment and now has a small gym in the building that employees can use. They are also implementing a wellness committee to host luncheons and encourage healthy lifestyles. I think that’s awesome!


4)  New Girl. Loving this show! I love Jess’ outlook on life, she is true to herself and has fun living her life, even the ordinary days. David and I are watching Blacklist together right now, another great show! And of course loving Chicago Fire & Chicago PD…Geez, for not having actual cable/dish, we sound like we always watch TV…



5)  Pinterest. It’s like a virtual dream catcher….anything you ever dreamed of is there. Your dream house, dream closet, dream desserts, dream parties; all kinds of things to inspire you. It’s truly the best of so many worlds! I am pretty sure the word “Pinterest” is equally as important as “Googling” these days (I’ve even been heard saying the word ‘Pinteresty’ when referring to something). It’s a very important word in my vocabulary! Although it’s kind of a big time sucker, it’s so much more of a ‘feel good’ thing than scrolling through Facebook a lot of the times.

6)  SheReadsTruth. If you are interested in expanding your faith, this site is awesome (you can also get an App for your phone). They do such a great job of relating the readings to your daily life.



7)  Naked3. My parents gave me this for Christmas, I LOVE it! The colors are awesome and I’ve had so much fun experimenting! Check out my friend Emily’s tutorial on it…(along with all of her videos!)


8)  Dark Horse. I don’t know what it is about this song but I typically repeat it about 5,000 times… so far the radio hasn’t been overplaying it, yet….give it a few more weeks and I’ll never want to hear it again! 

9)  The thought of spring. I won’t lie, we just had a fresh snowfall and it made me happy because it freshened everything up and made it kind of sparkly – but that’s it. It ends there. I’m ready for spring. Warmer weather, green grass, walks outside, grilling out (that one’s for you P!), yoga on the deck….sigh….


10)  These cookies. They are very good! Gluten free, grain free, dairy free, and vegan.

….And apparently exclamation points …I just realized how often I end a sentence in an exclamation point! o boy!


Fresh Eyes

16 Jan

I rarely write these posts in WordPress; typically I type them up in Word and then copy and paste them into WordPress. The graphic designer in me generally takes about 5-10 minutes before even starting to write to pick a font…a font that won’t even be carried over to the web! But there is just something about typing in different fonts that I love…crazy creatives.


On top of that, it takes another 5-10 minutes just to pick my playlist to listen to! (No wonder I don’t post as often as I would like to! haha

So I’m getting a second opinion. I love my Dr., I really do and I don’t want to switch, but I think it’s time I have to. Maybe it won’t be for good but I need someone else with fresh eyes to look at my charts and not just throw the hope out the window on me.

Unfortunately, with modern medicine (which is definitely not a bad thing….but a bad ‘side effect’ I guess…) it’s so much easier and efficient to tell someone the only thing they can do is to move forward with more aggressive treatments, otherwise it will take a small miracle for us to have a baby of our own. But I’ve heard of miracles happening…



I would honestly do crazy things to have a baby and for this chapter to end but there’s a feeling in my gut (maybe its denial) that my body is fixable. And maybe at some point this year, when we’ve saved more money and have come to terms with our next steps, we will take the doctor’s advice to move forward with treatment, but I need another doctor to tell me the same thing before I believe I’m unfixable.

I’m not sure what I’m hoping the new Dr. will tell me – maybe she has an answer for why my body is being the way it is instead of just telling me it’s unexplained? Maybe more tests or new blood work or maybe something was missed? Or maybe she will agree with my fate and recommend moving forward. Either way, I am looking forward to hopefully a new outlook or maybe even, if I’m lucky, some answers.


After I made the appointment, I wrote up 2 large notepad pieces of paper summarizing each month for the last 2 years (with a little history on the year when my HA developed) to take to her so I can remember everything. After having test after test done, no consistency in cycles, and random weird things happening – it’s a lot to remember on a whim. While I reflected back on my journey, I realized how far I’ve come emotionally to have handled all that I have and how strong David and I have been as a couple together. I’ve also realized how important our support system around us has been to get us through all of these ups and downs. It’s been quite the past few years…and though, at times, I feel like I’m nowhere further than I was 2 years ago – I know that emotionally, as a person, and a mother in waiting – I’ve come a long way.

In the meantime, I’ve been doing my own research on holistic approaches to regulating hormone imbalances. I added in some vitamins, am making some dietary changes, strengthening my Faith, and am working on my internal-self to de-stress, gain patience, and think positively – all in hopes my body will magically reset itself – or at the very least, make each day a little easier on me emotionally!

Escaping the Cold & Happy Belated Holidays

14 Jan

It’s been another long stretch since I last wrote to all of you. I hope everyone had a great holiday season and is starting off the New Year the way you had hoped!


The past few months have been busy! We traveled to sunny California to visit some awesome friends and meet their new little (adorable, melt my heart, handsome) addition to their family. We were so blessed to be able to take this trip. While we were there, we soaked up some of the warm weather, palm trees, and the wonderful company – I also got lots of baby snuggles in!



We went from California straight to Puerto Vallerta, Mexico. It was very much like our second honeymoon being just David and I, one that we definitely needed. Getting away together is such a special treat for us and being able to just relax is one we both looked forward to. We did lots of tropical drink tasting, worked hard on our sun tans, tasted the salt water (that may have just been me as I struggled to stay above some of the waves), watched lots of dolphins swim by, and lived in the moment.




Unfortunately, all vacations come to an end but I will always remember our awesome trip and felt very refreshed returning home (even with the 5 inches of snow that welcomed us back!). Although I’d like to think Gizmo missed us, he was being spoiled at Grandma’s and Grandpa’s and I don’t think he even realized we were gone.


Right when we got back from our trip, it was Christmas. I finished up my wrapping and baked some cookies to try to get into the Christmas spirit and enjoyed time with our families.


Unfortunately, Christmas was tougher for us this year than the past few years. I never thought about it when we started trying but having our ‘try for baby’ anniversary beginning a few days after Christmas was probably not a good idea. Even though it was hard at times, I can honestly say how thankful we are to have had the people we love surrounding us and can’t imagine how much harder the Holidays would have been without them.

New Years was exciting as two of our very close friends got engaged and we were there to witness it. We are looking forward to the New Year and their wedding celebration! Have I ever told you how much I love weddings?! David and I have the honor of standing as witnesses and toasting to their love together….maybe our speeches will be seen on YouTube some day? 😉 Totally kidding…not that brave!


That brings me to the now! I am hoping to blog more as I have a few topics I’d like to chat about and, though it seems like only on occasion, the blog has helped me to let go of some of my feelings and really work through them and hopefully it’s helping someone else out there as well…so expect a few more frequent posts.

Back to the cold....burrrr

Back to the cold….burrrr

Happy Tuesday!

“St. Martha, I resort to your aid and protection. As proof of my affection and faith, I offer this light which I shall burn in my heart every Tuesday. Please comfort me in all my difficulties and through the great favors you enjoyed when the Savior was lodged in your home please intercede for my family that we may be protected and provided for in our necessities. I ask of you, St. Martha, to help us overcome all difficulties as you overcame the dragon at your feet. In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.” (Our Father…Hail Mary…Glory Be…)Say each Tuesday and light a candle for 9 consecutive weeks and leave a copy for someone else and promote devotion to St. Martha. All is granted, no matter how difficult.

*Given to me by my Aunt at Christmas. Feel free to participate and/or pass along to someone else.