Infertility Timeline

January 2011-January 2012: Ran 6-8 miles most days of the week, lost 40 pounds.

January 2012: Excitedly anticipated a baby!

March/April 2012: Diagnosed with HA. Gained 20 pounds and stopped all running and workouts.

May 2012: Cycle returned!

Between June 2012 and December 2012, my cycles were 40+ days, a few anovulatory cycles thrown in there…things just weren’t quite working right still. Gained to a BMI of just over 23, still no running.

December 2012: Met with a new doctor. Doctor P. Prolactin test (this was the only piece of blood work he felt I was missing at this point) came back normal.

January 2013: First month on Clomid 50mg. Responded great! No such luck though…

February 2013: 2nd Month on Clomid 50mg. Responded better! No such luck…

March 2013: HSG and  3rd Month on Clomid 50mg. Responded best yet! No such luck.

April 2013: 4th Clomid 50mg. No baby…

May 2013-June 2013: Because of the meds, I had to take a few months to clear up some cysts I had developed.

July 2013: Switched to Femara because Clomid didn’t seem to be doing the trick to get us our baby. Also added an IUI. No baby. Baseline ultrasound showed PCO (polycystic ovaries).

August 2013: Round 2 Femara and back to back IUIs to make sure we had it timed perfectly. No baby.

September 2013: Round 3 Femara and IUI. No baby.

October 2013: Switched back to Clomid 50mg with IUI. No baby.

November 2013: Dr. says no more oral meds. Ordered a 3 month break to settle things down again. Because of the PCO on my baseline, Dr. P decided to test my fasted glucose levels which came back normal.

December 2013: Our trip!

January 2014: Decided to follow our gut and get our second opinion with a new Dr. (Dr. K.) …met with her, loved her, felt hopeful again.

February 2014: Preparing for my exploratory surgery.

March 2014: Laparoscopy, hysteroscopy, and chromotubation. Diagnosed with moderate-severe endometriosis.



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