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Kick off to NIAW

22 Apr

National Infertility Awareness Week is here!! I am so excited to spread the word through my blog that infertility is an issue. It is something 1 in 8 struggle with. Having children isn’t just a privilege some people are lucky enough to have, it is what we are made to do, it is the number one goal of millions of women out there and it is a disease that effects their well being and the way they go about living their lives (most of the time, privately and alone).


National Infertility Awareness Week is here to give those couples that struggle with infertility a chance to be supported, shed light on, and make the world aware that anyone around you could be dealing with this life altering battle. NIAW is a chance to spread hope.

Also, I did a guest post on Maureen’s blog at breakingfreeandfindingme.com in honor of NIAW! Check it out on her amazing blog 🙂 She is helping spread the word and is such a kind, caring person and has been so supportive and encouraging in my journey. Thanks Maureen!!


A Day Ahead

18 Apr

So all week I seriously felt like I was one day ahead…every day! Today especially felt like Friday which is kind of sad when you realize it really is only Thursday still! We have been getting pounded with rain, flood warnings, and no sun all week so some much needed sun this weekend is going to feel heavenly!

With that, I have wanted to blog every day but my nights have been filling up and my mornings are slow to start with the gloominess out the window so here’s what I’ve been up to lately:

I walk by this coconut water every time I’m at the store and wonder what it tastes like. The other day I went to the pharmacy and it was right there so I grabbed it (great marketing job, ya got me!)…I like coconut so I thought I would really like it. It was ok, but I don’t think I’ll ever buy again or even crave it. Do you like coconut water?



I needed some new flats and saw these fun ones for spring at Kohl’s a month or 2 ago. Was able to wear them once since because of the snow and now all of the rain but talk about happy feet 😉


IMG_20130413_160208Last weekend we went out of town to do some shopping and see a hockey game, went to Subway for lunch:

IMG_20130413_130331and Chili’s for dinner:

20130413_172936Corn guacamole for appetizers and mango fiesta tilapia (very good!)

20130413_174301IMG_20130413_172004And to end the week, my coworker brought us all in a little burst of sunshine into our gloomy weeks

IMG_20130417_100133I made these chocolate chip/oatmeal/peanut butter cookies to take to work as well. 3 people asked me for the recipe!




Lace Up Your Sneakers

3 Apr

Today is National Walking Day! The American Heart Association dedicates this day to encourage everyone to get out and walk at least 30 minutes today to make a healthy effort to share the benefits of walking.

Gizmo and I after our walk today...don't mind the half dead/half green grass! Spring seems to be finally here, slowly but surely!

Gizmo and I after our walk today…don’t mind the half dead/half green grass! Spring seems to be finally here, slowly but surely!

Speaking as a runner, walking never seemed to be ‘enough’ for me. Being forced into only walking has really taught me that walking has some really awesome benefits and a lot of those benefits are the same as if I were running. One huge benefit for me is that it’s not as hard on my body, joints, and has helped my body to heal while still being active.

Some of the many benefits to walking:

  1. Reduces stress
  2. Increase energy
  3. Boosts your immune system
  4. Helps kick cravings
  5. Reduces risk for heart disease, high cholesterol, diabetes, and increases overall health
  6. Can be very useful to help shed pounds
  7. Increases metabolism

After I get done walking, I feel refreshed and energized; much like when I was running. My mind is clearer and my mood is lifted. In the past year I’ve learned it’s not about how intense you are exercising, it’s about being active to stay healthy and find a balance. I know my body can’t handle intense exercise right now and walking is the healthiest option for me.

There’s nothing like being active outdoors when the weather is nice and the sun is shining. Whether it’s walking, running, volleyball, baseball, playing catch, it’s all really great for your health and you will love the benefits mentally and physically from getting out and being active! Listen to your body, know your limits, and do what is right for YOUR body at that time in your life.

I can’t express how badly I want to be out there running, luckily walking is the closest thing to running right now and I am happy with that! It’s like the choice of ice cream or frozen yogurt… both make me happy and both are unique in their own ways! (Just got home from a fro-yo trip, we each had 6 oz free that expired today).

I got a ton of different kinds...a mocha, triple chocolate, wedding cake, & creamsicle (my favorite) with strawberries, crushed graham crackers & crushed chocolate cookies. I think that was it!

I got a ton of different kinds…a mocha, triple chocolate, wedding cake, & creamsicle (my favorite) with strawberries, crushed graham crackers & crushed chocolate cookies. I think that was it!

I like to walk with someone else because it prevents me from giving in and jogging, it also helps pass the time, have some great conversations, and I face a computer all day so the human interaction is awesome! When I am by myself I listen to music and usually have Gizmo with me. Most days, my mom and I walk. She has lost so much weight with the help of walking, she also feels more energized and it helps her stay motivated and on track.

I hope you are able to get out and enjoy some time with a friend or relative or neighbor or spouse or pet and go for a walk; breathe in some fresh air and enjoy the benefits of walking!


Off topic:  As much as David said no sand volleyball for him this year, we are now BOTH signed up to play on 2 teams (Tuesdays and Thursdays) again this summer! I can’t wait!! I loved it last year and looked forward to it so much! I was just going to sub on a team but she needed another couple so we committed to both nights, both of us. I’m really anxious for summer to be here!