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My New Pink Rug

27 Feb

Ok, it’s not a rug…it’s a yoga mat! I finally went out and purchased one. It was really cheap, only $7 on clearance at Walmart – that store kind of makes me cringe a little…but regardless, super cheap deal! After a crummy day I decided I needed to lift up my mood, get centered, and let go some of the tension I was feeling. I have given yoga a try in the past and after having trained myself to enjoy sweat for so long, I had the toughest time finding enjoyment out of the lower impact, slower paced workout.


I am not flexible by any means. This was one thing I’ve never been good at and mostly because I’m not the best stretcher. With doing more pilates and Blogilates, I have realized how it’s not really a matter of flexibility, it’s a matter of stretching daily and building muscle. I’ve felt more and more loosened up and can stretch a lot further already!


So I thought I’d give yoga another shot a few days ago. Bad news was that I was having a hard time staying in one spot. I don’t know if it was because I wasn’t mentally focusing enough, or I was sliding around so much on our carpet, or if it was because I didn’t have a fun, happy, pink colored mat to look down at; I agree, I think I needed to try a mat!

I grabbed David some apples for the week on Sunday at the store and yesterday got a text saying how awful they were. Homemade applesauce anyone? So I thought perfect reason to stop by Walmart and check out their workout apparel and yoga accessories; and grab some ‘crisp’ apples.


Photo credit: David’s Instgram

I not only got a mat but I got a few shirts ($5 for a decently cute top!), a pair of running shorts, and an active razorback tank. Working out in clothes that are meant to be worked out in is so much more fun than working out in an old t-shirt and shorts. I swear it made me feel stronger and more energized!!

When I got home, I rolled out my new pink mat and looked on the YouTube channel we now have on our Wii to find a video to do. I did 3 yoga videos and it felt so good! I will master those moves that I could barely attempt last night…my mat won’t let me down!

I think it will also come in handy when I do pilates, Blogilates, and any core work as it really does help keep me in place and when in planks or pushups or downward dog; my hands and feet stick to the mat so that I can focus on my form and not how my body is sliding in all directions.

Yoga gets a bad rap because it’s not seen as hard as a lot of other workouts and even I didn’t give it credit because if sweat wasn’t dripping from my forehead and I wasn’t laying on the ground exhausted, it wasn’t worth my time but moving from one static strength yoga move to another with grace and flexibility, while really breathing deeply and focused, really challenged me last night and my shoulders, back, arms, and legs are already feeling sore today. There are lots of different types of yoga; some focusing on breathing and relaxation and others focusing on core and total body strength. All very good workouts and worth giving a chance – just make sure you have enough grip underneath you because it really does help!


I love the Yoga Solution workouts from Livestrong Women. Tara Stiles is so good about telling you what she’s doing and reminding you to “breath a lot” and do your best.

Have you ever tried yoga? Do you have a yoga mat?

Are apples hard for you to buy too? David likes a different kind of apple than I do and I swear I never remember what ones he liked the last time…


Maybe down the road: ISSA Certification

22 Feb

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what I really enjoy doing and trying to figure out what I want in my life, besides being a mom.


I realized that I really like helping people reach their goals; whether it’s just being supportive, motivating, teaching, or learning together. Healthy living is a passion of mine and I love when I can share that with someone else.

Blogging is definitely a way that I can pursue that joy but sometimes I really wish I had some real knowledge on training in addition what I’ve learned on my own and from my personal experience.


So I started researching.

I looked into information about registered dieticians, nutritionists, as well as personal training; all to see how hard financially and mentally…as well as physically…each of these would be if I decided I wanted to add on a part time situation in the future.

The most realistic for me is to get certified as a personal trainer.

I looked at a few of the gym openings around the area and the requirements for personal trainers, group fitness trainers, and health coaches. Health coach is ideally where I’d want to go with it but it’d start with getting certified as a personal trainer. Most of the trainers’ bios had a few different personal trainer certifications listed including ISSA (International Sports Sciences Association) Certified.

I continued researching, thinking, and talking to David and a close friend whether this would be something I should really go forward with.

I requested more information and not only got an email full of information about the program but also a phone call that evening from a very nice man who wanted to talk more about my interest in the certification courses and have a person of contact.

The course is all online. You pay (kind of a hefty fee) to get your materials sent to you and then you follow the course over the next – up to – 8 months. After you pass and get your certification, you have it for 2 years and then after you can do their continuing education programs to keep it up.

Without going into too much detail about the program, I decided, with some help from a close friend who has recovered from HA and was ISSA certified; that right now is not the best time for me to pursue this goal.

Sometimes just being in the healthy living blogosphere makes dealing with my recovery a little harder. Someone who can’t run much of anything right now without reversing my recovery, it can be hard to read about someone’s 10 mile run or the new running shoes they tried out. Getting my certification to be a personal trainer not only puts me in an already vulnerable state but it could also be detrimental to my main goal (future Baby B) right now. Throwing myself into that world will only set me back.

Goals are meant to be set and achieved but this is one goal that will have to wait. Once I am a mommy, I can reevaluate this goal and see if it still fits into my life and if I’d still get the same joy from it as I think I would now with our lives consisting of just the 2 of us and my nights are currently spent kind of selfishly.

When talking to the man on the phone last night (if you are looking into getting your ISSA certification, I spoke with Frederic, he was super nice!!), I explained to him that I am interested in more information and possibly pursuing this in the future but am jumping the gun right now as we are trying for a baby and I don’t know what the future holds. He completely understood, was not too pushy at all, gave me his contact information for the future, and even wished us luck on our “baby-making” –His words.  I imagine I am the first to tell him that because he seemed a little frazzled but handled it very professionally!


Today I am a healthy living blogger, someone who wants to share my daily journey through life and hopefully help a few along the way do the same. I want to continue to learn, step out of my comfort zone, and live my life. Just because I can’t pursue this goal right now doesn’t mean I won’t, it just means that I have a bigger more important goal that I want to achieve first!

The Tooth Book with a side of the best alfredo ever

21 Feb

I am waiting, hoping, and dreaming of a snow day tomorrow….it hasn’t started snowing here yet but it’s coming! I don’t think it will end up getting bad enough here for my work to close but it never hurts to dream right?!

**Side note: I volunteered at work to read to some students at an elementary school in town next week during Read Across America week. This year’s theme is brushing your teeth so the Dr. Seuss book that was chosen is The Tooth Book


It’s a cute book until I got to the last page…



Nice Dr. Seuss…nice!


Anyways, I was really feeling like alfredo this week and with Lent on Friday’s for us now I try to make something without meat on Thursday so that David has a lunch for Friday so that we don’t have to resort to packing him peanut butter and jelly sandwiches each week.

Bad thing about alfredo is that it’s not that great for you with all of the butter and in the past I’ve purchased jars of alfredo but have yet to find one that I really like the taste of. What I really wanted was Olive Garden’s alfredo…but not the thousands of calories!

So I turned to Google. I Googled (don’t you love that Googled is a verb) “healthy alfredo sauce” and I came across HealthyFoodforLiving.com’s Light Pumpkin Alfredo Sauce.



I won’t lie, I got a little scared and kept looking but didn’t find a whole lot of anything that interested me. I felt brave and decided I’d give it a shot.

Sunday when I got groceries for the week I put a jar of alfredo in my cart JUST in case my sauce didn’t turn out but before I got to the register I put it back on the shelf trying to boost my confidence that it would turn out just fine and if not, I just won’t make it again.

First of all, it was SUPER easy. I didn’t change anything except for not having real garlic so I just used some garlic powder. I had neufchatel (1/3-less-fat) cream cheese leftover in our freezer from my Hungry Girl’s crab meat rangoons recipe and I always have pumpkin on hand so I really didn’t need to get anything for the sauce which saved us money too!

Second of all, it was DELICIOUS! I’ve never had (except for Olive Garden) such creamy, rich alfredo. It was filling and plump full of nothing but goodness. I didn’t use the nutmeg as I thought it may get too seasonal tasting and really didn’t want David to know that it had pumpkin in it. I still have not ‘fessed up so unless he’s actually reading this today, he still won’t know. (He doesn’t like pumpkin and I was really clever by making sure I had the sauce done before he got home and good thing because he seemed to really like it!)


Sorry for the dark, bad lighting picture…I need to work at multitasking in the kitchen and trying to take good quality pictures while I do it!

Don’t let the pumpkin ingredient scare you, I am a pumpkin lover but I could not taste any pumpkin in this. The only thing the pumpkin does in this recipe is makes it rich and creamier with the garlic, and a little bit of salt and pepper, you just taste good old alfredo. The alfredo sauce, although heavy like alfredo sauce should be, was light in calories and fat.


I put in some shrimp and asparagus over whole wheat thin spaghetti noodles with some garlic bread and a little extra steamed asparagus on the side. I will never buy another jar of alfredo sauce and will repeat this recipe for years to come. Thank you HealthyFoodforLiving!


And do you see that? The other day I woke up to the sun being up! Before 7 AM finally! I am looking forward to summer so so much that even the smallest signs help! Ok, back to wanting that snow day…