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WIAW: 9/12

12 Sep

I finally remembered to record my meals and snacks for my very first {WIAW} What I Ate Wednesday post (created by Jenn over at Peas and Crayons).

I thought it’d be fun to occasionally throw in a WIAW post because I like to get ideas on different foods to try through other blogger’s WIAW posts, so if there is ever any foods that I eat that you are interested in the recipe for, just drop a comment or email me and I’ll gladly share if I didn’t include it in the post.


No surprise here…steel cut oats! Pretty simple today, steel cut oats with ground flaxseed, sliced banana, sprinkle of walnuts, and topping it off with coconut to give it some sweetness.

This is comfort food to me and it also is a great way to start off with something healthy and filling to begin my day. The days I go with something else are usually the days I realize I’m hungrier in the afternoon and evenings.

I prepare the steel cut oats usually on Sunday nights and then they soak overnight and I divide it up between containers so all I have to do on a week day morning is heat it up and add my toppings.

Mid-morning snack:

Pineapple Greek Yogurt. I love pineapple and am sad that I am slightly getting tired of it with summer coming to an end and will probably only be eating it on occasions but this yogurt is very good. I usually get the Chobani 2% to add in some fat to my diet but I like to wait until they run a sale on them and then stock up.


Lunch I had some leftover steamed green beans, a low-sodium turkey, lettuce, and mayo with olive oil on 100% whole wheat bread, and a handful of grapes.

I also had a side of Ian Somerhalder 🙂

Afternoon snack:

My lunch did a good job of keeping me full but I knew if I didn’t have an afternoon snack I would give myself a stomach ache come dinner time so I had 2 nectarines!


We had a friend of ours over for dinner Tuesday night and he loves pasta so I made my Mom’s lasagna…mmm mmm one of my favorites! We also had garlic bread and a spinach salad with sunflower seeds, carrots, shredded cheese, and Italian dressing with a big glass of 1% milk.


{Imagine yummy goodness here}

I made my favorite pumpkin brownies this past weekend so I had one of those before volleyball.