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A Lot of Firsts: Finding the Joy Around Me

17 Oct

Wow! That was another long stretch!

I’ve been enjoying the fall weather and time is flying by! Since I posted last, David and I have been exploring our lives finding joy in what we can and focusing on being happy with the today. Hockey season is back in full swing again, keeping us plenty busy!

We got Gizmo a bike basket for him to ride in - he's loving it!

We got Gizmo a bike basket for him to ride in – he’s loving it!

A month or so ago, there was an opportunity to try stand up paddle boarding for free from a local SUP business. I was so excited when the time ended up working for us to give it a shot and David was open to going with me. It was awesome! We went on a pond but I could just imagine how amazing it’d be if you had clear water under that board….hopefully when we go on our trip we’ll be able to get an opportunity to try it again!

Me + SUP

Me + SUP

Speaking of trying new things, I’ve attended 2 studio yoga classes now. I have been really getting into yoga at home because it’s just so good for my mind, heart, and body right now. I feel at peace afterwards as well as continuing to be challenged physically each time. There was another FREE opportunity to do a yoga+art class which was yoga in an old warehouse where they have an art studio. The instructor had us move our mats around the gallery and while in the poses, she would talk about the artwork and then we’d do a few yoga flows and move to another area. I’ve been to a lot of art galleries in the past and this was by far my favorite way to experience the artwork!




After that yoga class, I was hooked on the studio setting – it made me try harder and push myself further but also helped me to appreciate the people in the class with me and their love for yoga; very inspiring. One Saturday morning I was planning on checking out our Farmer’s Market and decided to hit up a yoga class that was near the Market. It was in a small older building, by small I mean the studio was literally 3 by 3 yoga mats long and wide. There were about 5 of us in the class. By the end of the session, my legs were literally shaking like jello. I was pretty sore for a few days afterwards.


In September, for our Anniversary we rented out a house for the weekend on Lake Michigan, it was kind of rainy and really foggy so most of the time we were there we could barely see the Lake but it was nice to relax and feel rested and refreshed. I’m looking forward to going back there again but in, hopefully, nicer weather!

Spiced Pumpkin Tea is my fall favorite!

Spiced Pumpkin Tea is my fall favorite!

So that’s what I’ve been up to…enjoying my yoga practice, hockey, and loving all of the nice fall walks and bike rides.



Rain Showers & Bridal Showers

30 May

I read this guest post today on Ashley’s blog at www.myfoodnfitnessdiaries.com and it really hit home. I’ll be honest; I spend a lot of time comparing. I always have and I feel like it has been a way I set my own goals. We all do it, it’s human nature; but I think it makes life harder and that real, genuine happiness happens less frequently because we are constantly longing to be something more/better/greater.

I am a huge believer in goals but there is very much a difference between goals set based on someone else’s life and goals based on personal ability.

Look at the baby birdies we have right outside of our back door.

Look at the baby birdies we have right outside of our back door.

For example; in my life at this time its pregnancy and babies. I long for the day I get to experience that and I know my journey is completely different than everyone else’s and as soon as I separate the fact that what they did, what worked for them, and how they got there has absolutely no significance to my journey towards motherhood – then I start to let go of the disappointment I feel from not ‘keeping up’ because honestly, it’s 99% out of my control. Eh hemm, thank you social media for being to blame.

Same goes for when I was in school, when I started working, and when I started running/losing weight.

With health and fitness, I still catch myself comparing to what others are doing, how much they are running and how little or clean they are eating. I quickly snap back into my reality and know that my life, my body, my experiences, and my story are different. And that is what makes us unique. We aren’t robots, we are human.

Friday I had a half day off work and spent some time having a picnic with my sister and my nephews at the park by my house.


We ate sandwiches, watermelon, and chips, and I had a bright idea after I left my house to grab a few pieces of Lindt chocolate truffles that I had left and threw them in my bag to share with the boys.

Yea, it was actually sunny and 70’s out and the picnic table we sat at was in the sun, not thinking anything of it other than the sun felt really good on my face!

After we got done eating, I grabbed a chocolate to offer Jackson and it was completely melted… we still enjoyed them and the laugh we had after Jackson attempted to eat his.


This past weekend was my friend, Stacy’s bridal shower and bachelorette party. It was a hit and Stacy seemed to really enjoy herself!


It made for a very memorable girls night and I was so happy it turned out so good and I was finally able to give back to Stacy who is one of the most selfless people I know!



I can’t wait to toast to her and her Fiancé on their special day in just over a month!


We also went camping this past weekend. Boy was it cold! Iowa weather is so off and on, it could be 80 degrees and sunny one day and the next drop down to 40’s and rain.


But it was still a great time and we had a delicious dinner of kabobs with tons of choices of meat, fish, and shrimp as well as a variety of vegetables, side dishes, and desserts!



And leftover jello shots! (we made 110 for the bachelorette party!)


14 May

Happy May everyone! Ok I totally went off the radar for a few weeks but wanted to give a quick update on what I’ve been up to and why the blogging break…

I’ve been up to a lot of this…


And this…


And hanging with lovely people…




Blogging has been kind of getting put on the back burner while things work themselves out in my life. I’ve been working on a lot of freelance projects officially kicking off wedding season and have been busy enjoying planning my friend’s bridal shower and bachelorette party as well as playoff hockey that’s been filling up our weekends. With warmer (some days) weather, we’ve been enjoying the outdoors, taking lots of walks, I’ve done a jog or two and we got our bikes out and ready for summertime!


All of these things have been my focus in the last few weeks as I anxiously awaited our last round of Clomid. Unfortunately, things didn’t work out for us.

So our plan after this round if I wasn’t pregnant was to try Femara. I was feeling very hopeful for this plan and it made the outcome a little easier to handle. Until my Dr. phoned with a new plan…doesn’t he know that’s not allowed in my life!?

After 4 rounds of Clomid, he felt a break from the meds would be good to settle things down, give my body a break, and get rid of any cysts that may have formed. Also, the last ultrasound my ovaries were enlarged and so that would get them back to normal. A break meant going on the birth control pill and then doing a 5th round of Clomid; but I was not ok with this…

I turned to a few lovely ladies who made me realize some other options I have and with the help from David and my family, I was motivated to be my own advocate and take control. If they wanted me to take a break from the meds, I can do that naturally. So in hopes that since I was cycling naturally prior to this year and the possibility for things to be even more kicked into gear, we are taking a break from treatments and giving my body another chance. It’s also going to be the best thing for my mind and body.

We’ve also racked up quite a bit of medical bills so far this year so a break financially will also be nice to give us a chance to build things back up.

How I am feeling about this: I am actually feeling pretty good, now. Unfortunately, it never gets easier. The longing for a baby is still there and stronger than ever, especially seeing so many in my life experiencing what we want so badly but my path is different and God is waiting for our perfect healthy baby to be brought into our ready and warm arms when the time is right for us.

For now, I am feeling pretty hopeful and proud of how far my body’s come in the last year and a half. How much I’ve grown, how much I’ve learned, and I have a lot of trust my body will do its thing and we can hopefully do this without medical intervention.  Of course the fear of the unknown will always haunt me but I’m going with my gut on this one…


So, that’s what I’ve been up to while away from the blogging world. I hope to be back a few times a week to talk about my random happenings, share recipes I’ve tried, talk a little about healthy living and share a little about how my fitness is going.


I’ve missed you all and have thought about you daily! I appreciate all of the emails I’ve received from those who read and have questions or are looking for support. I hope I can be of some help or at least just offer some friendship but I also benefit from every single one so thank you for reaching out to me!


I am anxiously awaiting consistently warmer weather so we can start all of our fun summer activities like sand volleyball, camping, beaches, wineries, weddings, campfires, festivals, biking, more walks, and we are even going to try kayaking!


On another note, I made these Cinna-berry wonton cups for work and I passed along the recipe to just about everyone who tried one! They were easy AND super delicious! Perfect for summer! I will be making these for my friend’s bridal shower next weekend as well.

How are you all doing?

What fun summer activities are you excited for?