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Female Athlete Triad Syndrome

7 Nov

A friend from the HA support group posted this from Blog Talk Radio today that discusses Female Athlete Triad Syndrome, which is basically HA in a nut shell. I’ve never had so many head nodding moments in my life when listening to something.

I get goosebumps whenever I read/hear/etc. anything about this topic because it was something I never knew could happen until I was in the situation and like this blog, I hope to help spread the word that it CAN happen and it CAN happen to you if you cross the thin line of being overly healthy and active. Your body WILL shut down on you and start deteriorating.

I hope you all have some time you can check this out and help me help them spread the word! If you fast forward to about 18 minutes in, you will get to the interview with Dr. Kelly Austin.

Click here for the Blog Radio Interview

**I will have a post from my meeting with Priscilla later this week. I was super busy this weekend and earlier this week and I want to get some photos put together as well 🙂 Thanks everyone!

Month of Gratitude:

I am falling behind on these since I don’t post on the weekends…I plan to do just maybe one big blog instead of daily ones on what I am thankful for and that will be out on Thanksgiving Day.