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A Tiger in the Bathroom…

5 Feb

Hello! I am back in action! Last week I was…in Vegas!


A few months ago some friends of ours asked us on a whim to join them with a larger group on a trip to Las Vegas. We were hesitant but got a super cheap deal on flights and hotel and signed up to go along! We went from Sunday to Thursday and had a blast! Although we didn’t win much (I think I am up a whole $35!), the experience was one I will remember for a lifetime. We definitely needed a vacation and during the cold winter months of January, it was so exciting to be able to go somewhere a little warmer…even though one of the days it was the same temperature in Iowa as Vegas! Crazy!?!

Saturday we ended up driving to the city the airport is in because Sunday they were expecting a wonderful Iowa ice storm. Luckily we beat the storm and had no problem getting to the airport on Sunday morning. After a small delay, we were on the plane and flying overhead!


We were also lucky enough for Priscilla and her husband (and later their friend as well) to join us from Sunday through Tuesday. I’ve never met such fun, down to Earth, and naturally hilarious people in my life!


I don’t think I’ll ever stop missing this girl!

We met up with them, starving as we had ate breakfast at 9:30 am Iowa time and while it was only about 7 pm in Vegas after we got to our hotel and changed, it was 9:00 Iowa…so we hit up Margaritaville for dinner and drinks.

Sunday night was a blast…a little too fun as we all were paying for it the next day and even the days to follow. Visiting Denny’s for some food about 4:00 AM before turning in for the night morning.



Made out of Jelly Beans



Heaven. (a chocolate waterfall)

Monday we took a bus to Fremont Street which is “Old Vegas”…older casinos and a pretty awesome overhead light show.



On the way, we stopped at the Stratosphere and took pictures on the top overlook as well as did the ride on the needle at the top. It was a pretty thrilling 20 seconds of my life that probably took a good 2 years off of it as well!


People actually jump 108 stories from the top allll the way to the bottom...

People actually jump 108 stories from the top allll the way to the bottom…

Our ride...

Our ride…

Check out some other vacationers’ videos of the Big Shot ride to get an idea of what it was like…http://bit.ly/XUB349

While in Vegas we also walked up and down the strip, went to New York New York, the Luxor, Planet Hollywood’s mall, the M&M store, and so many other fun things. One night we even saw a Pirate Show outside of Treasure Island and went to a “paradise island” type bartend show.


That’s a big M&M!


Wednesday we rented a car and drove to the Hoover Dam. It was pretty crazy how huge it is! We learned all about what the Dam does and how it was built. It’s crazy how something manmade like that can serve such an incredible purpose.



Fountain show…amazing!

Our trip was awesome but I am glad to be back in the swing of things and sleeping during normal times!


Simple Joys & Dog Treats

21 Jan

I thought about you all daily last week but never got myself motivated to post! So I am very sorry for being MIA!!! But I am still here! Here are some bits of my life over the last week…

IMG_20130112_143600This weekend David hosted a bus trip to watch our hockey team out of town. It was lots of fun and I filled his Bubba keg mug up with some Sierra Mist and Dr Cherry McGillicuddy. This mug keeps things cold for days – ok maybe not days but hours and hours! David puts ice water in it in the mornings before work and that ice will still be solid that night!

20130109_130506Speaking of ice water…I found a new way to drink more water! I take a dry erase marker at work and section it out for morning and afternoon, ensuring for now that I will drink more than I use to. Another good method that my coworker uses is to take rubber bands on it and that’s how many you drank that day. Just a fun way to keep me consciously trying to drink more H20!

IMG_20130109_094419This is my new favorite tea flavor! It’s so good!!! I’ve been drinking this stuff like it’s going out of style! Way better than the apple cinnamon I once raved about!

IMG_20130111_100625We got software upgrades at work! I don’t talk about my work or freelance much on here as I like to keep that very separate for now but this was very exciting!!!! CS6 is awesomeeeee!!!!!!!!!! Ooo the simple joys of a graphic designer!

IMG_20130108_203735Trying to decide whether normal dog treats or healthy dog treats for Gizmo. He has a super sensitive stomach and the Milkbone brand seems to do fine for him but Target had a Healthy All Natural brand that we debated on getting…we decided not to this time around but does anyone have any suggestions on easy on the stomach dog treats? (By the way, David is growing his hair out for all of hockey season…his hair is currently shaggier than Gizmo’s!)

IMG_20130115_175939Last week I made Hungry Girl’s Chicken Veggie “Fried” Rice and her Crab Rangoons. It was pretty easy and SUPER yummy! I definitely recommend this and will make it again for sure! I have made her crab rangoons many times but I think I’ve got it down now! The Veggie Fried Rice was a new one but one of the best homemade chinese dishes I’ve made! I’m not sure if you are familiar with Hungry Girl but she’s pretty much awesome!

That pretty much wraps up my week last week! Now onto the next one! Monday’s aren’t so bad I suppose…they are one day closer to the weekend right?!

Thursday Thoughts

10 Jan

Just a quick post to say hello and give you some random entertainment for today!

1. How come the first regular length week following short one(s) always seems like it lasts 3 weeks long instead of just a normal 5 days?!

2. I am meeting up with some friends on Saturday from college. Girls I lived with, made tons of memories with, and miss so much! I also get to meet one friend’s baby for the first time and see how much my other friend’s little guy has grown. It’s always nice catching up with everyone!

3. I am addicted to Pinterest again. I go in waves, sometimes I can’t get off the darn site and other times I could do without or don’t even think about going on! By the way, did you know they have “secret/private” boards now? I have one specifically for all things pregnancy, baby, and kids just so people don’t keep assuming but I can still keep those interesting articles/ideas all organized and within reach! Some day soon I hope to make that board public!

4. David and I went to Target the other night and I couldn’t help but feel all warm and fuzzy inside, I absolutely love Valentine’s Day and it’s that time of year again! The store was filled with pink, red, hearts, and love. By the way, why did we go to Target? Our dog is obsessed with getting Milkbone treats multiple times a day and we ran out the night before…so instead of listening to him moan and whine for days until Sunday rolls around, we made a special trip to the store! Lucky dog…

5. While writing this post, David texted me and told me that our local USHL assistant coach just called him up and asked if he could practice with them today! Isn’t that awesome?! I said “you are joking right?” He said, “No! Serious! Their goalie wasn’t able to make practice today and they need someone to shoot at.” I am just so excited for him that they even reached out to him! Pretty cool! He can’t though because like everyone else in the world, he works for a living…bummer! Maybe next time!!

6. I remember January of last year and how much hope I felt going into the 2012 year, I knew in my heart we would be holding a little one of our own come Christmas time and although it didn’t work out for us, I haven’t felt this much hope and excitement since! Praying the end to this chapter is near and the beginning of the next will soon be here! (Didn’t mean to rhyme just now…)

7. Sorry for ZERO pictures! I am the worst at capturing the random parts of my life and must get better so that you don’t always have to read these boring, wordy posts!