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My New Friend

5 Sep

Last night a storm rolled through during our sand volleyball game and the sky was wicked cool – my phone was in the car because I didn’t want it to get rained on if it did start to rain but some friends of mine took some pictures of the sky…

Crazy cool huh? We didn’t get much out of this storm as we were on the outskirts of it but we did get some terrible winds that blew the sand all over the place but we played on with gritty sand in our mouths and specs in our eyes!

This picture was taken a few weeks ago before we played our game.

I am also thinking of starting up WIAW posts but I never think of it UNTIL Wednesday so goal for next Tuesday…we’ll see how that goes (although I’m not sure how interesting my meal/snacks are on Tuesdays!)

My work participates in a mentorship program with a local school (actually the same grade school I went to when I was growing up). I have participated in this program since I started my job. I love kids so much and when they were looking for more volunteers, all I could do was picture my nephew needing an extra friend at school so I signed up immediately!

I was matched up with a kindergarten boy who had some family problems at home and wasn’t very interested in school. I got to know this boy over the last 2 years and he really had started to open up some and seemed to enjoy my visits.

I would visit him once a week during the day. We would play all sorts of games like knock out at recess (this is one of my all time favorite games…), colored pictures – he wasn’t much of a color-er but I am so he must have gotten tired of me always asking if he wanted to color with me and finally gave in a few times – sometimes we would play Memory or Candy Land too. It was cool to see how his interests had changed from Kindergarten through first grade.

Today I got news that he moved over the summer! I spoke with the guidance counselor today and she said that I can get matched up with someone new, so as bummed as I am right now, I was just matched up with a new friend. She is a quiet kindergarten and just needs a boost of confidence.  I am pretty excited to meet her!

I swear kids these days are different than even when I grew up. They grow up so fast and have so many more pressures and bullies. I can’t quite figure out what caused that. Is it the media/tv/reality shows/cartoons? Is it a social thing? Is it the same as it’s always been and I just am realizing it more and more now?

I am a Pretty Little Liars fan and as mean as some of the girls are on there, it forces open closed eyes to how kids are like to each other.

That is one thing that I am most afraid of when we are blessed with our little one. You can only protect your child for so long and then they are sent out in to the world alone…but that is everyone’s biggest fear as a parent I am sure.

I really do believe that it’s the amount of love kids are surrounded with when growing up that will make them strong enough to stand tall.

This song makes me tear up every.single.time. but is such a good reminder that, young or old, life is hard but we will all get to the top of our mountains stronger than when we started.

Make it a great day!