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Love List

21 Jan

I know it’s not even February yet but I love Valentine’s Day! I think it’s because everything is in shades of pink….there’s no way I’m the only girl in the world who thinks Target is even more addicting and appealing when this time of year comes around?!

Here are some things I’m loving right now!

1)  Peppermint. I’m still stuck in the peppermint phase – peppermint tea, peppermint baths, peppermint lotion (thank you Lindsey!!! I’m blaming this obsession a little on you hehe) So refreshing!


2)  Yoga, still. 🙂 I’ve been trying to do a minimum of 10 minutes of yoga a day just to de-stress mainly and keep stretching. I have really tight hamstrings (probably from all the running I use to do without ever stretching!) so a lot of poses that I try that involve extending my legs, I struggle with. Plus it’s something I enjoy and that’s what life is all about right?! Doing things that make you happy.

3)  Wellness in the workplace. To fight the winter blues, the company I work for has purchased some exercise equipment and now has a small gym in the building that employees can use. They are also implementing a wellness committee to host luncheons and encourage healthy lifestyles. I think that’s awesome!


4)  New Girl. Loving this show! I love Jess’ outlook on life, she is true to herself and has fun living her life, even the ordinary days. David and I are watching Blacklist together right now, another great show! And of course loving Chicago Fire & Chicago PD…Geez, for not having actual cable/dish, we sound like we always watch TV…



5)  Pinterest. It’s like a virtual dream catcher….anything you ever dreamed of is there. Your dream house, dream closet, dream desserts, dream parties; all kinds of things to inspire you. It’s truly the best of so many worlds! I am pretty sure the word “Pinterest” is equally as important as “Googling” these days (I’ve even been heard saying the word ‘Pinteresty’ when referring to something). It’s a very important word in my vocabulary! Although it’s kind of a big time sucker, it’s so much more of a ‘feel good’ thing than scrolling through Facebook a lot of the times.

6)  SheReadsTruth. If you are interested in expanding your faith, this site is awesome (you can also get an App for your phone). They do such a great job of relating the readings to your daily life.



7)  Naked3. My parents gave me this for Christmas, I LOVE it! The colors are awesome and I’ve had so much fun experimenting! Check out my friend Emily’s tutorial on it…(along with all of her videos!)


8)  Dark Horse. I don’t know what it is about this song but I typically repeat it about 5,000 times… so far the radio hasn’t been overplaying it, yet….give it a few more weeks and I’ll never want to hear it again! 

9)  The thought of spring. I won’t lie, we just had a fresh snowfall and it made me happy because it freshened everything up and made it kind of sparkly – but that’s it. It ends there. I’m ready for spring. Warmer weather, green grass, walks outside, grilling out (that one’s for you P!), yoga on the deck….sigh….


10)  These cookies. They are very good! Gluten free, grain free, dairy free, and vegan.

….And apparently exclamation points …I just realized how often I end a sentence in an exclamation point! o boy!


My Life Soundtrack: October

23 Oct

As I said in the last post, I thought it’d be fun to highlight what’s playing in my world this fall! The music I listen to daily comes from whatever mood I’m in; whatever can put words to my feelings in the best way. Music is what keeps me positive, allows me to let tears fall, and dance circles around the house.

Screen shot 2013-10-23 at 8.58.00 PM

My creativity has been doing some serious overtime in my head. I think it’s a lot about my desire to get my mind off of the things I can’t control and create beauty around me. Just check out my Pinterest Pins – I’m pretty sure one of these days all of the creative inspiration will cause me to literally burst!

I don’t consider myself an artist one bit, but I do enjoy designing for freelance, pushing myself creatively at work, and all things personal expression. Anyways, music is my inspiration…there’s something about sitting down at my computer and listening to new-to-me music while I work. Those are the things that I love, the things that bring me so much happiness and self-worth.

So here it is ladies and gents! 🙂


Screen shot 2013-10-23 at 8.56.59 PM

This list isn’t really a good workout playlist but it is a good relaxation, yoga, or cooking in the kitchen playlist!

Iris is a classic song for me and my current ringtone for my phone…though sometimes it’s just a tad too quiet and I miss calls…

Screen shot 2013-10-23 at 9.02.02 PM

Spotify is pretty awesome! You can listen to an unlimited amount of music, make playlists, listen to radio stations, and see what your friends are listening to. It’s by far the best music listening software out there and completely free (unless you pay to have it on a mobile device).

I’ve been loving this song…(there are hardly any words to this song, but their voices are so good!):

Screen shot 2013-10-23 at 8.58.50 PMMy Wednesday is just coming to an end…sweet dreams!

What songs are you loving right now?


A Lot of Firsts: Finding the Joy Around Me

17 Oct

Wow! That was another long stretch!

I’ve been enjoying the fall weather and time is flying by! Since I posted last, David and I have been exploring our lives finding joy in what we can and focusing on being happy with the today. Hockey season is back in full swing again, keeping us plenty busy!

We got Gizmo a bike basket for him to ride in - he's loving it!

We got Gizmo a bike basket for him to ride in – he’s loving it!

A month or so ago, there was an opportunity to try stand up paddle boarding for free from a local SUP business. I was so excited when the time ended up working for us to give it a shot and David was open to going with me. It was awesome! We went on a pond but I could just imagine how amazing it’d be if you had clear water under that board….hopefully when we go on our trip we’ll be able to get an opportunity to try it again!

Me + SUP

Me + SUP

Speaking of trying new things, I’ve attended 2 studio yoga classes now. I have been really getting into yoga at home because it’s just so good for my mind, heart, and body right now. I feel at peace afterwards as well as continuing to be challenged physically each time. There was another FREE opportunity to do a yoga+art class which was yoga in an old warehouse where they have an art studio. The instructor had us move our mats around the gallery and while in the poses, she would talk about the artwork and then we’d do a few yoga flows and move to another area. I’ve been to a lot of art galleries in the past and this was by far my favorite way to experience the artwork!




After that yoga class, I was hooked on the studio setting – it made me try harder and push myself further but also helped me to appreciate the people in the class with me and their love for yoga; very inspiring. One Saturday morning I was planning on checking out our Farmer’s Market and decided to hit up a yoga class that was near the Market. It was in a small older building, by small I mean the studio was literally 3 by 3 yoga mats long and wide. There were about 5 of us in the class. By the end of the session, my legs were literally shaking like jello. I was pretty sore for a few days afterwards.


In September, for our Anniversary we rented out a house for the weekend on Lake Michigan, it was kind of rainy and really foggy so most of the time we were there we could barely see the Lake but it was nice to relax and feel rested and refreshed. I’m looking forward to going back there again but in, hopefully, nicer weather!

Spiced Pumpkin Tea is my fall favorite!

Spiced Pumpkin Tea is my fall favorite!

So that’s what I’ve been up to…enjoying my yoga practice, hockey, and loving all of the nice fall walks and bike rides.