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The Tooth Book with a side of the best alfredo ever

21 Feb

I am waiting, hoping, and dreaming of a snow day tomorrow….it hasn’t started snowing here yet but it’s coming! I don’t think it will end up getting bad enough here for my work to close but it never hurts to dream right?!

**Side note: I volunteered at work to read to some students at an elementary school in town next week during Read Across America week. This year’s theme is brushing your teeth so the Dr. Seuss book that was chosen is The Tooth Book


It’s a cute book until I got to the last page…



Nice Dr. Seuss…nice!


Anyways, I was really feeling like alfredo this week and with Lent on Friday’s for us now I try to make something without meat on Thursday so that David has a lunch for Friday so that we don’t have to resort to packing him peanut butter and jelly sandwiches each week.

Bad thing about alfredo is that it’s not that great for you with all of the butter and in the past I’ve purchased jars of alfredo but have yet to find one that I really like the taste of. What I really wanted was Olive Garden’s alfredo…but not the thousands of calories!

So I turned to Google. I Googled (don’t you love that Googled is a verb) “healthy alfredo sauce” and I came across HealthyFoodforLiving.com’s Light Pumpkin Alfredo Sauce.



I won’t lie, I got a little scared and kept looking but didn’t find a whole lot of anything that interested me. I felt brave and decided I’d give it a shot.

Sunday when I got groceries for the week I put a jar of alfredo in my cart JUST in case my sauce didn’t turn out but before I got to the register I put it back on the shelf trying to boost my confidence that it would turn out just fine and if not, I just won’t make it again.

First of all, it was SUPER easy. I didn’t change anything except for not having real garlic so I just used some garlic powder. I had neufchatel (1/3-less-fat) cream cheese leftover in our freezer from my Hungry Girl’s crab meat rangoons recipe and I always have pumpkin on hand so I really didn’t need to get anything for the sauce which saved us money too!

Second of all, it was DELICIOUS! I’ve never had (except for Olive Garden) such creamy, rich alfredo. It was filling and plump full of nothing but goodness. I didn’t use the nutmeg as I thought it may get too seasonal tasting and really didn’t want David to know that it had pumpkin in it. I still have not ‘fessed up so unless he’s actually reading this today, he still won’t know. (He doesn’t like pumpkin and I was really clever by making sure I had the sauce done before he got home and good thing because he seemed to really like it!)


Sorry for the dark, bad lighting picture…I need to work at multitasking in the kitchen and trying to take good quality pictures while I do it!

Don’t let the pumpkin ingredient scare you, I am a pumpkin lover but I could not taste any pumpkin in this. The only thing the pumpkin does in this recipe is makes it rich and creamier with the garlic, and a little bit of salt and pepper, you just taste good old alfredo. The alfredo sauce, although heavy like alfredo sauce should be, was light in calories and fat.


I put in some shrimp and asparagus over whole wheat thin spaghetti noodles with some garlic bread and a little extra steamed asparagus on the side. I will never buy another jar of alfredo sauce and will repeat this recipe for years to come. Thank you HealthyFoodforLiving!


And do you see that? The other day I woke up to the sun being up! Before 7 AM finally! I am looking forward to summer so so much that even the smallest signs help! Ok, back to wanting that snow day…


Simple Joys & Dog Treats

21 Jan

I thought about you all daily last week but never got myself motivated to post! So I am very sorry for being MIA!!! But I am still here! Here are some bits of my life over the last week…

IMG_20130112_143600This weekend David hosted a bus trip to watch our hockey team out of town. It was lots of fun and I filled his Bubba keg mug up with some Sierra Mist and Dr Cherry McGillicuddy. This mug keeps things cold for days – ok maybe not days but hours and hours! David puts ice water in it in the mornings before work and that ice will still be solid that night!

20130109_130506Speaking of ice water…I found a new way to drink more water! I take a dry erase marker at work and section it out for morning and afternoon, ensuring for now that I will drink more than I use to. Another good method that my coworker uses is to take rubber bands on it and that’s how many you drank that day. Just a fun way to keep me consciously trying to drink more H20!

IMG_20130109_094419This is my new favorite tea flavor! It’s so good!!! I’ve been drinking this stuff like it’s going out of style! Way better than the apple cinnamon I once raved about!

IMG_20130111_100625We got software upgrades at work! I don’t talk about my work or freelance much on here as I like to keep that very separate for now but this was very exciting!!!! CS6 is awesomeeeee!!!!!!!!!! Ooo the simple joys of a graphic designer!

IMG_20130108_203735Trying to decide whether normal dog treats or healthy dog treats for Gizmo. He has a super sensitive stomach and the Milkbone brand seems to do fine for him but Target had a Healthy All Natural brand that we debated on getting…we decided not to this time around but does anyone have any suggestions on easy on the stomach dog treats? (By the way, David is growing his hair out for all of hockey season…his hair is currently shaggier than Gizmo’s!)

IMG_20130115_175939Last week I made Hungry Girl’s Chicken Veggie “Fried” Rice and her Crab Rangoons. It was pretty easy and SUPER yummy! I definitely recommend this and will make it again for sure! I have made her crab rangoons many times but I think I’ve got it down now! The Veggie Fried Rice was a new one but one of the best homemade chinese dishes I’ve made! I’m not sure if you are familiar with Hungry Girl but she’s pretty much awesome!

That pretty much wraps up my week last week! Now onto the next one! Monday’s aren’t so bad I suppose…they are one day closer to the weekend right?!

Easy Pillsbury Creamy Chicken Noodle Soup

7 Jan

I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend! (Isn’t he just the cutest?!)


Mine was filled with 2 hockey games, a good long walk with my mom OUTSIDE I may add…it was warmer than normal at a big ol’ high of 33 ;), and the typical groceries, laundry, and ate dinner with my family at my parent’s house last night. All in all, a perfect, much needed, very mild weekend as we have some extremely busy ones coming up for the next few weeks!


David is feeling MUCH better! Just in time that he was able to play goalie for an outdoor hockey game yesterday afternoon…hmmmm…glad to see his sickness was all gone by then, it would have killed him to miss it, seriously…


The guy who hosted the game made his whole back yard into an ice rink…cool huh?


423183_10200112996966024_1285961600_nI didn’t go so the pictures I pulled off of Facebook but next year, I am making a point to stop by for a period. Looks pretty sweet!

Tonight, I am making some comfort food for the both of us. Monday’s just aren’t my favorite day so Monday nights are nice to just relax, eat a good dinner, and watch Lost. (We are sucked in, it’s taken a while to get liking it but it’s growing on us. I’ve been having the strangest, scariest dreams lately though…) Any Lost fans?

Anyways, tonight for dinner we are having this soup. It’s Creamy Chicken Noodle from Pillsbury and David’s all time favorite! It’s super easy (probably not the healthiest or cleanest) but it is delicious!



The above picture is the soup still cooking as I type this.

I double the recipe, skip the pesto sauce topping, and usually add frozen carrots and frozen broccoli to make it heartier. Maybe some day I will remake this recipe to be much healthier so you don’t have to use the boxed base.




Either way, it hits the spot on a cold Monday night!

Now I’m off to do some yoga and get settled in with my hot bowl of soup.