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Living in the Present

16 Jul

Heyyy!!! I’m allliiiiveeeee!!!! Haha 😉 I know I’m not a very good blogger BUT for good reason – I’ve had to take a short break and just really try to live in the present, focus on making some summer memories and just soaking up the nice weather while trying to stay as relaxed and as happy as possible.

In the month since I last posted, I’ve been busy with wedding celebrations for my friends Nate and Stacy. It was so much fun helping Stacy with all of her stationary items for that day along with being by her side to celebrate and toast to their love. It was a beautiful day and I couldn’t be happier for them!






I’ve also been hanging out with my nephews as much as possible! In July we celebrated a 5th birthday!…time goes wayy too fast!



IMG_20130630_182626And some of the following…




Look at those very worn out Saucony’s…time for a new pair!


A delicious greek salad at a local restaurant…that’s fried feta cheese…I’ve been craving these since I finished the last bite!

Morning walks with my Mom

Morning walks with my Mom


It was too hot in the house to do my Blogilates so the yoga mat was taken out on the deck to do a little pilates. Like our new tiki torches? They are awesome at keeping the bugs away and have an awesome ambiance.

That’s about it!

On the future Baby B front…things were put on hold as we waited to give my body a break and see how things would go on my own – things didn’t really go good. So back to the doctor I went. I love my doctor. My appointment was 2 hours long (unfortunately that included a 40 minute wait in a waiting room filled with very pregnant women…) but regardless, my doctor spent so much time with me, was so thorough, and never rushed me. We have a new plan in place which I will touch on down the road but for now, I just wanted to pop over and say hello and share a little about what I’ve been up to and say I’m thinking of all of you and miss y’all! Hopefully I’ll be popping back more often!





I’d like to check you for ticks

13 Jun

I’m bacccckkkk! 😉 And ya know what? I completely missed my 1 year anniversary for IGH last Thursday! So happy belated anniversary blog! It’s been real and even though every week I set a goal to blog at least twice and sometimes only MAYBE blog once, I’m at peace with that and will continue on…I love my blog and I love my readers! I feel like it’s been a great way to share my experiences through life, healthy living, and infertility and it has also been very therapeutic for me!

Because it’s Thursday and the sun is shining, here are some randoms from me!

1. I made this Gnocchi Zucchini Ribbons & Brown Butter recipe (Shout out to Natalie from TheSweetsLife.com, her recipes are delish!) on Tuesday night and I thought it was very good. I love gnocchi (especially from Olive Garden) and when the store was all out of ravioli that I had planned to make I picked up some gnocchi and it was our very first time having it at home. David liked the recipe but wasn’t a fan of the gnocchi. Me on the other hand, I loved it and wanted to share the recipe because it was very easy and summery!

20130611_1802012. This should have really been number one because it was such a traumatic experience but yesterday I found this….prepare yourself….

Warning: you may get the eebie jeebies from it….and start itching and scratching….it may make you a little nauseous even (I know I did….)

20130612_101722Yep that’s right, straight from a Brad Paisley song…my very own little tick friend. Yuck! I was working and put my hair behind my ear and felt something like a scab on the outside of my ear…after touching it (yea I know…nasty!) I realized it most likely was NOT a scab and it was definitely something else; I quickly walked to the bathroom realized what it was and yanked it off. Luckily it was already dead and was only half latched (omg I think I lost my appetite…) on but if that sucker would have been hard to get off I would have probably passed out.

I believe I got it from this lovely, sweet, innocent looking gem


Some other randoms I’ve been up to (if you follow me on Instagram, yay! but you’ve probably seen a lot of these already! (sorry!))

IMG_20130607_135717Yep! Still reading it…I think I’m on page 50…come on Mallory!

IMG_20130606_104149Juicy peaches! They’ve been awesome lately!



IMG_20130607_071845Breakfast is served! Have a great Thursday!

Kicking Off Summer

22 May

Happy Wednesday! Things are going good around here…I’m looking forward to this holiday weekend and couldn’t be more excited for the events that we have planned!

Friday kicks off summer with a music festival on our Main Street along with lots of people and cold beer (except it’s going to be back in the 60’s-70’s) but it will be lots of fun! I am the matron of honor in my friend’s wedding coming fast in July and am helping host her bridal shower and bachelorette party on Saturday evening. I.Can’t.Wait!! And on Sunday we are going camping for the first time this summer! It will be nice to welcome summer with open arms and kick it off with all of my favorite things to do! Friends, good times, and enjoying the outdoors.

In the mean time, hockey is now over. Our team won the championship cup for the second time in 3 years. It was awesome to celebrate the end of the season the right way! It will be nice to have a few month break to enjoy summer and then back into hockey season!

Watching the Championship game - it was over 8 hours away so we had to watch it at a viewing party.

Watching the Championship game – it was over 8 hours away so we had to watch it at a viewing party.

We also got out our bean bag boards…


We got these for our wedding and they come with score posts that double as beer holders which we didn’t get out because it looked like a storm was coming but I did get my wine holder out that my parent’s got us for our anniversary. I love this thing!


Last night we had our first night of sand volleyball as well although unfortunately too many teams signed up and with only 2 outdoor courts, teams have to rotate to the inside courts and last night was our turn but regardless, it was a lot of fun and we played pretty good! I forgot how much I love that sport and am so glad to be back at it!

Rum chata chocolate milk shakes before heading off to volleyball

Rum chata chocolate milk shakes before heading off to volleyball

I have spent very little time in the kitchen and lots of time out on our deck watching David grill. It’s been nice but I have absolutely no new recipes to share with you! Our eats have been lots of hamburgers, turkey burgers, brats, and chicken – too hot to turn the oven on and too nice to be inside in the kitchen!

My coconut oil is no longer solid! Hello summer and windows open!

My coconut oil is no longer solid! Hello summer and windows open!

I’ll leave you with a view I can’t get over this May – the blooming trees were gorgeous last week! I couldn’t get enough of them and am so glad I took this picture on my walk when I did because the next day a storm came through and all of the flowers were on the ground!